100 Best Cities in the U.S. to Have an Organized Home: Scottsdale and Raleigh Top the List

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Key takeaways:

  • Scottsdale, AZ, takes the top spot for keeping a neat and tidy home thanks to its ideal mix of large homes, high levels of storage space and increased interest in home organization
  • Raleigh, NC, and Spokane, WA, take the next two spots with great home organization potential, while Salt Lake City, UT, Reno, NV, and Orlando, FL, also stand out
  • Texas asserts dominance with regard to home sizes, with Dallas, Sugar Land and Frisco among the top spots nationally
  • Grand Rapids, MI, Orlando, FL, and Minneapolis, MN, citizens have the greatest interest in home improvement, while Orlando, West Palm Beach, FL, Columbia, SC, and Knoxville, TN, provide the most storage space per capita for their residents

While commitments to regular exercise, meditation and traveling are a few of the most frequent New Year’s resolutions, many people make promises to be more organized every start of the year – with their time, money and not least, their homes. In fact, consumer interest in home organization generally tends to spike in the first few months of the year, with the National ‘Organize Your Home’ Day celebrated at the beginning of every year. But how many of us have a chance to stay true to our promises?

More than being merely about desire and personal choice, having an organized home is also associated with the local housing context and resources you have at your disposal in the city you live in. While some urban hubs provide you with enough space, income, home improvement potential and storage options to be able to get organized, other cities tend to lag behind.

So, what are the best U.S. cities for an organized home? Where do people manifest an increased interest for maximizing space and have every chance to succeed in realizing their organizational ideals? We’ve done the research and the results are in. To find out which U.S. city ranks highest for home organization, we took into account more than 280 U.S. cities with over 100K inhabitants and scored them according to several criteria including:

  • average household size
  • average home size
  • available storage space per capita and prices
  • median household incomes

We’ve also factored in organizational intent for each city as observed from online searches on Google that focus on professional organizers, home improvement and DIY home organizing hacks.

According to our research, Scottsdale, Raleigh and Spokane came out at the top as the best cities for enjoying an organized home. In other words, if having a neat and tidy home is what you want, there’s no reason why you cannot have it here. These cities offer the best mix of space, storage potential and local resources to make organizational tasks easy.

Overwhelmed by too much stuff around the home? Not in Scottsdale, Raleigh and Spokane

Not only does Scottsdale, AZ, shine in terms of outdoor attractions – including world-class golf courses and lush resorts – it also ensures that life indoors is also top-class. In fact, Scottsdale takes the cake in terms of home organization potential, with the best combination of personal space, storage options and interest in home improvement. Among the ingredients that make Scottsdale stand out, it has one of the lowest household sizes in the country (2.16 people/household), a median household income that exceeds $90K and high numbers of Google searches for both DIY home organizing hacks and professional organizers. Scottsdale homes are also among the largest in the country, with over 2,000 square feet of floor space, on average. Moreover, there’s also plenty of storage away from home in Scottsdale – roughly 12.8 sq. ft. per capita vs. 7 sq. ft. per capita nationally – so that homes can easily be kept uncluttered.

neat living room with large window

You can also easily enjoy an airy home in Raleigh, NC. The city has a higher household size compared to Scottsdale (2.4 people per household) but homes are also on the large size – 1,853 square feet in Raleigh – resulting in a good space-per-person ratio.

Additionally, Raleigh residents seem to go the extra mile as they are among the most interested in home improvement ideas and professional organizers. The city is ahead of most other urban hubs in terms of searches for professional organizers as well as searches for home improvement and DIY home organizing hacks. The city also does well in terms of offering storage away from home, with storage units in Raleigh being cheaper than in any other city in our top 20. A standard unit sets you back only $95 a month, on average, making it easy to find a home for your less-frequently-used possessions.

Spokane, WA, has similar numbers to the cities in the first two positions with respect to household size, resident interest in home organization and available storage space. However, it has the largest homes in our top 15, with 2,096 square feet of living space, on average. Even though incomes in Spokane ($52K) tend to be lower than the national average ($65K), this doesn’t seem to quench the desire and capacity of residents to have an organized home. Moreover, self storage in Spokane is readily available with many options and affordable prices. A self storage unit rents for $120 on average.

Salt Lake City, Reno and Orlando residents can easily enjoy well-ordered homes while Atlanta, Tampa, Henderson and Austin round out our top 10

Salt Lake City, UT, homes are among the largest in the country with sizes over 2,000 square feet, on average. Additionally, residents of the capital of Utah enjoy affordable self storage prices ($115) and show a noteworthy interest in both DIY home organization and professional organizers. It seems that Salt Lakers are really keen on decluttering and keeping those large homes organized.

Salt Lake City homes

The same is true for the residents of The Biggest Little City in The World. Reno, NV, ranked fifth overall for the best chances of having an organized home, mainly propelled by online home improvement searches, household size and high levels of available storage space per capita. Most importantly, all that self storage space is also quite affordable ($117 per month).

The only city that has more available storage space than Reno is Orlando, which lands on the next spot, 6th overall for organizing potential. Orlando homes also offer a lot of living space – 2,093 sq. ft. on average – and even if households are more crowded (2.5 people), residents' personal space still allows them to keep their homes uncluttered. Moreover, self storage comes in handy for helping multi-generational households optimize living space. In fact, Orlando has the most self storage inventory per capita among all cities in the analysis, roughly 32 square feet per person. Additionally, prices are generally affordable ($120 per month). Orlando also takes the second spot overall in online home improvement searches (just behind Grand Rapids), demonstrating its citizens’ genuine passion for organization.

Likewise, the capital of the Peach State also ranks well for citizen interest in home improvement, but Atlanta stands out most under the average household size column. In fact, only Scottsdale has a slightly lower average in our top 10 (2.19 persons for Atlanta vs. 2.16 for Scottsdale). The low household size coupled with the interest of residents for home improvement are two key aspects that push Atlanta ahead in the race for having the most organized houses.

Tampa and Henderson round out our top 10 and are very similar in terms of household sizes, storage prices and home sizes. However, Tampa scores better for residents’ interest in home improvement and for available storage space per capita, while Henderson stands out thanks to its higher median income.

Space eases things for organization fans, with Texas ahead in home sizes

Among the 280 cities we analyzed, Charleston, SC, has the largest homes in the US, with over 3,480 sq. ft. of living space on average. Frisco, TX, is the only other city that offers its residents more than 3,000 sq. ft.

farmhouse living room with fireplace

We've come to expect that everything is bigger in Texas, and indeed it wins the state-level battle, with the most cities with homes over the national average of 1,750 square feet. Frisco, Sugar Land, Allen, Dallas, McKinney and League City are among the cities with the largest homes in the country.

Home size matters, but so do local household size and storage options away from home

Besides actual space, what makes a home organized…or organizable? Household size is also crucial, as are organizational resources and additional storage potential away from home.

Living with a couple of siblings and both parents, as well as grandma, would surely complicate matters and make it more difficult to sort things out. While the national average household size is 2.6 persons, northern states and cities tend to see less crowded households, making it easier for locals to deal with home possessions. Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Seattle, Cleveland, Buffalo, Akron, Toledo and Minneapolis all have fewer people sharing a single home, which makes it easier to find a place for everything inside the house. The only two southern cities that have significantly lower figures than the national average are Scottsdale, which is also our top pick overall, and Atlanta.

One other thing that can substantially simplify home organization is turning to self storage. You might have a smart storage system for your garage or your basement, but self storage makes it considerably easier to keep track of the belongings you don’t use on a day-to-day basis, all the while uncluttering your home. Therefore, how much a city has to offer in terms of storage clearly has an impact on how easily you can keep your stuff arranged and systematized.

Just like everything else, some cities do much better than others in serving people’s space needs. Orlando and West Palm Beach, in Florida, are battling for the top spot, having the most self storage space per person, with around 32 square feet per capita. Columbia, SC, Knoxville, TN, and Reno, NV, follow, with over 23 sq. ft. per capita. Wilmington, NC, Las Vegas, NV, and Miami, FL, round out the list of the best cities in terms of available storage space.

The best thing about self storage is that it’s a rather inexpensive service overall, with great availability in nearly every major city in the country. Prices range from around $80 in Amarillo and Oklahoma City to $95 in Raleigh, $116 in Dallas and $200 in Seattle.

People’s interest in home improvement stands out in Grand Rapids, Orlando, Minneapolis and San Jose

Interest in home improvement, professional organizers and DIY organizing hacks is important for having an organized home. Grand Rapids, Orlando and Minneapolis all stand out, with more than 10 home improvement-related online searches per every 1K residents. Buffalo, Reno and Richmond follow suit.

In the same vein, San Jose leads (by far) with regard to searches for professional organizers, scoring more than double the number of searches of any other city in our ranking.

Organizing is a journey, not a destination

Ultimately, aside from your personal feelings and determination to have an organized home, the city you live in can be a deciding factor. Some places make your organizing endeavors easier, but if your city didn’t make it among our top picks, there’s still hope for you. How about being a trendsetter? Look for professional organizers in your area. Recommend home improvement stores to other people. Make a Facebook group for home improvement stuff in your neighborhood. Drive the trend!

home organizer on laptop

We’ll do our part of the bargain and help you with what we know best, self storage. If you’ve decided to get things going with your organizing project, let RentCafe help you find the ideal storage unit for you, and then feel free to transform your home.

Care to know where your city stands with regard to home organization? Check out this full list of the top 100 cities. 


This analysis was done by RentCafe, an online platform that provides storage unit listings across the nation.

We took into consideration U.S. cities with over 100K inhabitants and ranked 284 of them according to several metrics. Consequently, we thoroughly analyzed their home organization potential, according to the following criteria:

Fair use and distribution

This study serves as a resource for the general public on issues of common interest and should not be regarded as investment advice. The data is true to the best of our knowledge but may change if amendments to it are made. We agree to the distribution of this content but we do require a mention in return for attribution purposes.

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