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How Self Storage In Albuquerque Can Help You Live Your Best Renter Life

Albuquerque is, for many, a sweet spot between the amenities of a big city and the more relaxed rhythm of a town, between the beautiful natural surroundings of New Mexico and the tech heart that beats at the center of its Technology Corridor. Nature lovers, corporate managers, religious workers and tech savants all call ABQ home.

Regardless of your occupation, however, you may feel the size of your home is insufficient after a while. Renting also demands a certain flexibility in your lifestyle with regard to moving around, and that’s where something like self storage can really come in handy. Putting items away in storage not only gives you more freedom at home but also more freedom when having to move into a new place.

self storage unit with boxes

How much does Self Storage in Albuquerque cost?

Self storage rates in Albuquerque are relatively cheaper than what you can expect to pay in other cities like San Antonio or Phoenix. The average monthly rate for a standard 10’x10’ is $104, and that can fit an entire one room apartment’s worth of items! If you’re looking for something smaller, there are available storage lockers and other small units starting at $25 per month. Climate-controlled storage units usually cost a little more than standard ones.

What types of storage units are there in Albuquerque?

You’ll find just about every possible type of storage unit in Albuquerque, from small 5’x5’ storage lockers to huge units as large as 40’x60’. Amenities are also varied, as you can find climate-controlled storage units, vehicle storage units that can safeguard your car or RV, facilities with 24-hour access and many more. To see all of your options, check out the many facilities that offer self storage in Albuquerque.

What can I use self storage in Albuquerque for?

Self storage can help with a lot of things – it all depends on your needs. One of the most ubiquitous uses of self storage is for moving. Coordinating a move-out, move-in, and transferring all items in the house at the exact same time should get you a Nobel Prize in logistics because it’s quite an impressive feat to pull off. However, you may find it much easier to unload some of your furniture into a storage unit beforehand, and then bring it into your new home whenever you’re ready.

Sometimes homes need a fresh coat of paint before moving in. Keeping furniture in storage means you completely bypass the hassle of moving it into the house, covering it up with plastic and still risking stains, dirt and grime getting on your belongings before you have a chance to settle in.

box filled with stuffed toys

Given the city’s surroundings it’s no surprise that there are many hikers, bikers and campers who love exploring the outdoors. Keeping travel equipment properly stored when not in use is not as easy as you might think – humidity can rust important metal elements, high temperatures and sunlight can damage textiles, not to mention pests, which will be happy to make a meal out of anything they can chew. Therefore, nature lovers can benefit greatly from using a storage unit to keep their equipment in proper order.

People who deal with a lot of paperwork can store it in smaller climate-controlled units and lockers, which will preserve the paper against humidity and sunlight. This is especially important for those working from home, where the office has to compete with the living room. Depending on your occupation, you may be legally required to keep records for a certain amount of time, and those can quickly pile up. Keeping them somewhere out of the house but still safe and accessible is just good practice.

Albuquerque’s weather, despite being mostly hot and dry, does give its residents snow in the winter, and places like Sandia Peak are especially popular for skiing. Winter sports usually mean heavy winter gear, which doesn’t get used for the rest of the year and may prove to be a nuisance if it’s just taking up space in your home.

These are just a few examples, but there are many more. Chances are, if you’re thinking seriously about self storage then you probably do need at least a small unit.

gazebo in old town albuquerque

Where can I find Cheap Self Storage in Albuquerque?

Albuquerque has very good self storage coverage, with facilities spread out evenly across the city. Prices do vary, of course, and Candelmen, Alta Monte, Broadway and Jackson all boast an average street rate under $100, making them great areas to shop around in. You are less likely to find cheap self storage in areas like Greater Gardner, Stronghurst and Osuna Park where the average street rate is over $200.

Self storage is growing confidently in Albuquerque since it is a relatively stable market with slow population growth. This means new units are being added at a steady pace, so prices aren’t likely to make any dramatic changes in the near future. The time is just right to make some room in your life in Albuquerque!

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