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Ready To Move? 5 Places Where You Can Find Moving Supplies In NYC

Whether you’re about to move to another neighborhood in NYC or you’re moving out of the Big Apple, you definitely have your plate full of endless tasks. Getting a hold of your moving supplies will help you get started with this overwhelming process. If you’re not sure how to find the right moving supplies, we’ve put together a list of local places that can help you stock up on boxes, tape and other moving-related items:

1. Home improvement stores

National chains such as Lowe’s or Home Depot are usually the go-to solution when you’re looking for moving supplies. They carry not only the basic packing items such as boxes but even specialty ones. Wardrobes and mirrors, for instance, could use special care, and these stores have the right supplies to help you move everything smoothly. Packing tape, furniture cover and more can be found at any of these stores.

packing boxes from hardware stores

You can also go local if you have a favorite hardware store in your neighborhood. Midtown Hardware, True Value, O K Hardware or Fulton Supply & Hardware are just some examples of home improvement joints where you can also find your essentials for moving in NYC.

2. Self storage facilities

Self storage facilities are another type of business where packing supplies are typically not in short supply. Here are some NYC facilities that cater to this need:

Besides offering a large variety of small, medium and large storage units – with climate control available at some of them, packing supplies are also available here. You can find the traditional small, medium and large boxes, but additional sizes can be purchased here, based on your need. Dish, wardrobe and expandable art/mirror boxes are also available to make sure all your bases are covered. Bubble wrap, tape and even mattress bags are on their list of moving supplies.

The Storage Plus self storage facility offers renters small, medium and large storage units and more. Packing supplies are another type of service available here. If you’re about to move, you can find everything you need for a smooth moving process – from moving boxes (small, medium and large) to mattress bags and other accessories such as tape and bungee cords.

At Access Self Storage, customers can pick not only a small, medium or large-sized storage unit but also packing supplies. You can get all your moving boxes, bubble wrap and tape to get your belongings ready for a move. Uninked paper – it doesn’t stain in the way newspapers do – mattress covers and others are some items that can support you through your moving experience.

While you pick your storage unit, you can look into their moving supplies offerings. You can pick standard boxes in a variety of sizes, specialty boxes and dish kits. Other moving miscellanea such as packing tape, bubble wrap or mattress covers are also available at this location.

3. Moving companies

As packing is an integral part of moving, a lot of moving companies also offer these items to their potential customers. In a lot of cases, you can either go for a full packing service or you can do the packing yourself with the supplies offered by the moving company. Here are some moving companies that provide this type of service:

  • Men on the Move

Men on the Move is a family-owned and operated business that’s dedicated to helping you get on your way to your next home. Their services include residential moving, commercial moving and local and long-distance moving. Additionally, they provide self storage and packing supplies to help your moving process in every possible way.

moving supplies from moving companies

From standard moving boxes to large ones, Men on the Move helps you find the right boxes for your move. They even provide dedicated TV, microwave, electronics and mirror boxes, among others. Tape, couch covers, paper pads and bubble wrap are just a few other moving paraphernalia that can help you get moving when you turn to their services.

  • Long Distance Movers

Long Distance Movers is a company that assists you when you’re in the process of moving, whether we’re talking household goods or even your car, your gym equipment or your piano. They even include a basic insurance policy that covers your items in case anything happens to them during the moving process. Additionally, access to self storage facilities is just another way Long Distance Movers can help movers.

A packing service is available with this moving company too. In case you wish to DIY your packing, boxes and packing supplies are also available to order.

  • Great Movers

If you’re for a moving company servicing the New York/New Jersey area, look no further than Great Movers. The company specializes in residential, commercial and long-distance moving. Their moving process is simple: from over-the-phone and email estimates, your move is scheduled once you approve the fee.

With Great Moving, you can have the company do the packing for you or you can go through the process yourself. Moving supplies are another service offered by the company. You can find a wide selection of moving boxes, packing paper, tape, bubble paper and other items to help you with your moving.

  • Roadway Moving

Another company that offers moving services, Roadway Moving, offers a wide array of services related to relocation. They can help you whether you’re looking to move locally or long-distance or even internationally. Companies can also take advantage of their services, as commercial moving is also among Roadway Moving’s offerings.

If you’d like assistance with packing – we all know this step can be mind-numbing – Roadway Moving assists you every step of the way. However, if you prefer to pack on your own, moving supplies are available as part of their services. Small, medium or large boxes are available. For your wardrobe and china, you can order special boxes to make sure everything gets to your destination in one piece.

4. Grocery stores and fast-food restaurants

Grocery stores tend to have all sizes of boxes, usually in the back. Just ask your local grocery store for any extra boxes they might have available, and you can check a few items off your moving list. You could stop at a McDonald’s on your way home and ask them if they have fry boxes to donate. They’d be perfect for bulky items that need a smaller way of packing.

moving boxes from grocery stores

5. Freecycle

Freecycle is a local website where you both donate and find items for free in NYC. Boxes might be a common item listed, and you can list them back for further uses. You can use the website without signing up for an account.

Whether you choose to find your moving supplies at a hardware store, a storage facility or a grocery store, NYC abounds in places that can help you get started with your moving process.

Mirela Mohan
Mirela is a creative writer for STORAGECafé. With an academic background in English and translation, Mirela now covers a range of topics including real estate trends, lifestyle and economy. Her previous experience in proofreading academic articles has inspired Mirela to choose a writing career path. In her free time, Mirela enjoys reading, but also hiking and creating art. You can contact Mirela via email.

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