12 Decorating Ideas To Create A Country-Chic Escape In Your New York City Apartment

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City living makes many dream of the serene country-chic homes with their universally appealing décor. But can you bring that timeless look to your New York City apartment? While the Big Apple is known for its less than spacious apartments, there are still many ways you can create a slice of country paradise in your home that marry the practical and the stylish. Who said you can’t have the best of two worlds?

Here are some ideas to help create a country-chic atmosphere:

1. Greet your guests with a narrow table

Your hallway might not be generous with space, which is why adding a narrow table might be a good fit for this area of your apartment. Add a mirror with a wood frame. Add your favorite pictures, mixing and matching gold with white. Give this area a country-chic feel by incorporating baskets underneath the table — you get the aesthetics and added functionality in one fell swoop! A small silver tray is also a great addition to this spot, serving as a key holder.

country chic entrance table

2. Peg rail everything

With their practical use, peg rails are a country house staple. While they are a welcome addition to every room, it’s really in the hallway that they shine. Use them to hang your coats, other household items. Besides, the narrow ledge above is prime real estate for you to express your personality with fun décor.

3. Go for a pale palette

Almost every country home adheres to a light color palette. While painting the walls to change the tone of the room is mostly dependent on your lease — if you’re a renter — most apartments come in clean white or beige. In good country-chic style, go all white in at least one room. For instance, you can use the all-white furniture in your living room as a blank canvas to add accents of wood, wicker furniture and cozy textiles. Blue hues also complement this look.

white country chic living room

4. Get creative with a coffee table

For a country touch in your living room, use a vintage find for a coffee table to take center stage in the room. Rather than the traditional table, go for something different. Instead, utilize a reconditioned vintage trunk with drawers for storage. Set your new coffee table on a light-colored rug to bring the room together. As space is in short supply, you will find many uses for this added piece. But you might find yourself needing extra storage solutions to keep all of your belongings. For those that simply do not fit in your home, such as bulky winter clothes or furniture, you can turn to self storage. Living in New York City means it’s easy to find a self storage unit near you, as the Big Apple offers its residents many options.

5. Dazzle with the centerpiece

Make sure to create a country-style centerpiece for your coffee table. It could be something simple as a pitcher with fresh flowers and a few other decorations set in a wicker basket. If you enjoy a DIY project, you could spray paint a few mason jars to stand in for a vase. Tie them up with brown twine and place them in a wooden storage box and voila — you’ve created a new elegant décor element for your living room. Don’t forget the flowers!

6. Cozy up the living room with a corner armchair and a quilt

No living room area is complete with an armchair. For a truly country-chic look, place the chair near the corner of the room, add a few throw pillows and a blanket. Pay attention to the color scheme — if white and beige are the dominant hues, you can add textiles in the same color palette or add a pop of color — blue complements this setup quite beautifully. You can also incorporate a rug in front of the chair to complete the cozy atmosphere.

cozy corner armchair

7. Warm up the home with curtains

Curtains dress up a room in any home. For a country-chic atmosphere, think floor-length curtains. Make sure to choose a color tone that matches the style of the room. Decide on the fabrics for each room. For a country-inspired look, pick from rustic burlap valance, light Tobacco Cloth or pale plaid. Whatever the style, floor-length curtains are best suited for a country-chic home.

8. Go for a metal bed frame

For your bedroom, pick a metal frame that exudes simplicity and is a country-chic classic. Pick one with a charcoal finish if you’re going for a contemporary look. Cozy up the bed with a creamy-beige quilt. Add a burlap throw, matching shams and an accent pillow to complete the look.

9. Embrace open shelving

You can make your own wooden shelving or opt for an open shelving unit in several rooms. As a bonus, you’ll gain extra storage for your items that also can count as décor. Your plants, books, and pictures bring a pop of color to your home. This is also the perfect spot to show off your collections of bottles, ironstone pitchers or pretty plates. For a lived-in feel, display your family heirlooms in the same spot.

10. Make a statement with blanket ladders

Blanket ladders are a key element of country-chic décor and are especially well-suited for the living room. Pair the mellow shades of your white living room with bolder colors when picking your blankets and throws for your blanket ladder. This décor piece is particularly useful in a small apartment for the holidays as well, as it allows you to add some tinsel or garland to create a cheery atmosphere.

blanket ladder in a cozy living room

11. Adopt vintage signage

The country-chic style comes to life through its specific décor. Find farmed-themed signs or vintage plaques at flea markets that you can hang almost anywhere in your home. They fill the empty space on your walls and also help you to express your unique tastes.

12. Enliven the home with plants

Green always reminds you of growing things. Since country life often revolves around growing things, incorporating plants in your décor is an excellent way to add the farmhouse palette to your home. Instead of a standard vase, use crocks adorned with a green garland, wispy fern or you can even hang a green wreath for a similar effect.

Did we help you find the perfect décor for your country-chic home? Let us know in the comments section below.

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