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Best Places For Moving Supplies In Miami, Florida

Planning to move to a new home locally – or maybe even to leave the beautiful city of Miami for good? One thing you’ll definitely need is plenty of moving boxes.

Calculating about 10 to 15 medium-sized boxes per bedroom should be enough. However, the kitchen usually requires more boxes, and so does the living room, if that’s the space where you keep your books, games, electronics and other entertainment.

On top of that, you’ll also need some sturdy boxes or crates for heavy items, specialty boxes for electronics or clothing and other moving supplies (tape, bubble wrap or other types of cushioning, labeling materials, straps). As moving is a long and complicated process, it’s important that you plan everything carefully – and making sure you have enough boxes before you start packing is an important step.

Here’s where you can get moving boxes and other moving supplies in Miami, Florida:

1. At local self storage facilities

Besides providing a safe place for your possessions, many storage facilities also sell moving boxes and moving supplies. There are approximately 80 storage facilities in Miami, and a good portion of them also provide moving supplies to customers. Choose a facility located close to your current (or future) home, rent a unit to use during the process of moving and get your moving supplies. To make your search a bit easier, here are some great facilities in Miami that offer moving supplies to customers:

This facility offers a wide variety of unit sizes, including 10×15 and 10×20, which are ideal while moving an average home of three bedrooms. The facility sells boxes and packing supplies, while carts and dollies are also available to customers – a great help when storing furniture and other heavy items.

This Storage King USA facility has unit sizes to suit all needs, regardless of whether you’re moving a small studio apartment or a large family home with multiple bedrooms. The facility also offers moving boxes in a variety of sizes, bubble and stretch wrap, mattress covers, packing tape and other materials you might need for packing your things.

This storage facility is another excellent option for Miami residents on the move – there’s a variety of unit sizes available, as well as vehicle storage. The facility also retails moving boxes and other moving supplies, and you can even order the moving supplies online.

2. At local moving companies

Many moving companies not only retail moving boxes and supplies, but they can also help you with the actual packing. If you’re interested in such services and are planning to hire a moving company, note that you should book one at least a few weeks in advance of your moving date. That being said, here are some highly rated moving companies from Miami that can make the moving process easier for you – and supply the moving boxes that you need.

This company offers a lot of additional services that make moving easier: moving supplies, packing and unpacking services, disassembly and reassembly of furniture, installation of electronics, maid service, junk removal and more. You can choose and combine the types of services you want to use, so, for example, if you’re interested in moving supplies and labor only, you can do that. However, if you want a full-service home move, you can go down that route too.

Fuentes Moving provides, obviously, moving services, but if you’re solely interested in moving supplies, you can get just those. The company offers competitive prices for moving supply kits containing various sizes of moving boxes, tape, padding, labels, pallets, stretch wrap, and so on.

This family-owned and operated moving company deals with residential and commercial moves, but it also provides storage services and packing supplies, from boxes to packing tape, markers, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, and more. Also, you will get a full refund for any boxes you didn’t use during the move.

3. Box Cycle

This interesting service allows Miami residents to purchase (and sell) used cardboard boxes. This has many advantages: you are not only saving money, but local reuse is also reducing the environmental impact. Even if the cardboard boxes usually get recycled, getting several uses from them prior to recycling is smart and beneficial for your pocket and for the environment.

4. Stow Simple

Miami-based company Stow Simple offers a very interesting service – instead of buying cardboard boxes when moving, you can rent plastic ones. It’s affordable, sustainable, and hassle-free: the moving boxes get delivered to your home and will be picked up from your new location post-move.

5. Score moving supplies for free

Try to source at least some of your moving supplies, such as moving boxes, for free. Many supermarkets and hardware stores have empty cardboard boxes they are willing to give to customers. They might have containers where they place the boxes for you to pick up, but if they don’t, you can always ask an employee. Also, you should check out local Miami neighborhood groups on social media – a lot of people who recently moved are donating their moving boxes.

What other sources do you use when it comes to moving boxes and moving supplies? Let us know in the comments!

Maria Gatea
Maria Gatea is a creative writer for StorageCafe and RentCafe with a background in Journalism and Communication. After covering business and finance-related topics as a freelance writer for 15 years, she is now focusing on researching and writing about the real estate industry. You may contact Maria via email.

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