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How to Achieve That Bridgerton Regencycore Aesthetic in Your Rental Apartment

It’s safe to say that, after “cottagecore”, anything ending in a “core” usually becomes an instant fan favorite. And now, Regencycore has made its way into the most popular interior design and fashion styles for spring and that might be thanks to “Bridgerton” fans – no shame there, I binged season 2 like my life depended on it and I stand by my choice.

Regencycore is the trend that revolves around fashion or interior design from 1800s-era England. Better said, it’s what you would normally picture when reading a Jane Austen novel: color, layers, elegant patterns, gilded accents and generally over-the-top décor.

Besides, in a world filled with modern touches, sleek lines and futuristic designs, sometimes we all need to go back in time and live like a true Regency count or countess in a space that embodies all that period drama goodness. With this in mind, we put together a few simple tips and tricks on how to bestow that regencycore style upon your rental apartment — without breaking the bank or upsetting your landlord.

Gilded Accents

Nothing says old-time opulence quite like gold. Before you panic, we’re not actually talking about real, expensive gold. Rather, just a few gilded touches here and there that will give your apartment a royal look and feel. For instance, maybe you have a vintage mirror hanging in your hallway and could spray paint the frame gold for just a couple of bucks. Or, consider some shiny new photo frames to replace the old ones. You can typically find a bunch of gilded, old-timey goodies at flea markets or yard sales, such as a nice candlestick or an elaborate chandelier that looks expensive, but really isn’t.


Florals for spring (we know, groundbreaking). But, flowers are a big part of the regencycore trend. Plus, if you’ve seen “Bridgerton”, perhaps you were in awe of those gorgeous buildings covered in colorful flowers, just like something out of a fairytale.

At home, a simple bouquet of fresh lilies or roses — or any other flower that you fancy — can turn an entire room around, especially if you place them in an antique vase with a sophisticated pattern. And, to achieve that maximum regencycore feel and vibe, we recommend going one step further and opting for floral patterns for your curtains, decorative pillows or bedding.



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When renting, the most common and, let’s face it, impersonal feature of an apartment are usually the empty white walls. In this case, if you want to make a slight change — but don’t want to lose your deposit or actually paint the walls — wallpaper is often a safe and creative way to go. To allude to that regencycore style, choose a floral wallpaper or a colorful one with different patterns that are specific to that era. Wallpaper comes in all shapes and sizes these days and many types are quite easy to put up and take down without damaging the walls. You can even keep the “redesign” at a minimum by adding it to just one accent wall.


While we’re on the topic of dressing up the walls, you can also use paintings to achieve that regencycore style — regardless of the size of your rental or your budget. In fact, you can find many stylish, old-timey paintings online, as well as at antique shops, flea markets and even yard sales, for only a few dollars. Specifically, images of young, demure ladies in beautiful dresses, standing around reading or sipping tea (what a life!) are what the Regency era was all about (well that and, you know, duels, dramas… the usual stuff). Even one painting strategically placed above a vintage reading chair or chaise longue (if you’re feeling particularly fancy) will give your space a bit of that Jane Austen vibe.



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There’s no better way to snatch up that inspiration from the past than by going antique shopping. You never know what little treasures you might find from different eras and places around the world. Fortunately, most cities have at least a few antique shops or seasonal markets or events, where you can find unique pieces that will give your apartment that regencycore feel. Look for vases, candlesticks, paintings, tea sets, mirrors, and even furniture if you’d like to add some to a particular corner of your apartment. Keep in mind that this is not only about things. It’s an actual experience that you can make an entire day of. Just plan a shopping spree around a few antique shops and see what treasures you can find.

Layered Bedding


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Sweet dreams are made of a good bed with nice sheets and a comfortable mattress. In the Regency era, the wealthy had those massive beds with layers upon layers of bedding, fine cushions and heavy blankets. Granted, that was likely due to the lack of a modern heating system, but even in our day, you can imitate that “Bridgerton” style by adding a few nice touches to the most important piece of furniture — your bed.

If you’re set on pursuing this trend, look up a few stores or websites with good quality bedding and get one or a few that are comfortable, but also fancy. There are plenty of pieces that include ruffles and lace, as well as many different patterns that will boost your mood as soon as you wake up in the morning.


And, speaking of a good sleep, why not turn your bedroom into a sanctuary by adding some nice, regencycore-style curtains? There are also thicker types that block the light during your sleeping hours, without necessarily being dark in color. The Regency era featured expensive, heavy curtains, with intricate patterns. But, nowadays, there are so many affordable versions at any specialty store — from florals to every other shape imaginable. The only rule is to stay away from the ones with a modern look to them.

Laura Pop-Badiu
Laura Pop-Badiu
Laura Pop-Badiu is a creative writer at CoworkingCafe and CoworkingMag, with a degree in Journalism and a background in both hospitality and real estate. Laura is a certified bookworm with a genuine passion for the written word and a keen interest in the coworking sector. Her work has been featured in major publications like Forbes, NBC News, The Business Journals, Chicago Tribune, MSN and Yahoo! Finance, among others.

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