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11 Best Online Shops for Bohemian Décor & Design [Editor’s Picks]

best bohemian decor shops

When you think of Bohemian style, you probably think natural, handmade, vintage and unrestrained. If so, you’re not far off, as these are some of the staples of boho interior design. Boho represents free spirits who are unencumbered by rules and regulations, and those who have a love for travel and nature, as well as everything that’s touched by human hands and imperfection. Perhaps that’s why Bohemian décor is so warm and welcoming, perfectly allowing your personality to fill up your living space.

However, if you’re thinking about embracing this style, note that there are some staples you can rely on for a guaranteed boho look. Specifically, rugs, blankets and throw pillows with rich textures; rattan and wicker furniture; plants; eclectic artwork; and, of course, personal trinkets, photographs and memorabilia. Fortunately, there are many places where you can find beautiful items for Bohemian décor. So, in no particular order, below is a list of our favorites so you can freely browse for inspiration and enrich your home with all of the boho items you want.

Jayson Home


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Whether you’re looking for lighting fixtures, furniture or artwork, this online shop is a must-see. That’s because it brings together wonderful vintage and heritage pieces from different corners of the world to help you create that quintessential Bohemian look. Browse their website or catalog to find a variety of unique trinkets and details to complete your look.

Kathy Kuo Home


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Although not specifically focused on Bohemian décor, this online shop features a great deal of wicker furniture and rich artwork, offering beautiful options for seekers of boho design. And, because this is a rather eclectic style, there’s nothing stopping you from gathering inspiration from coastal, rustic or even French country interior design.



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If you want to create a signature look, SmithHönig can be just the right inspiration for you. With pieces that fit certain styles, you can shop for items that will give you a cohesive look and will surely go together. The company also features one-of-a-kind items, as well as many colorful, bold and eclectic décor pieces to brighten up your space.

The Citizenry


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Unique and handcrafted items await you at The Citizenry. The people behind this shop emphasize their belief in the importance of local culture and ethically created goods. They also believe each home tells a story — the story of a journey, a person and a culture. As such, you’ll find many heritage pieces here that are produced in small batches so as to maintain their uniqueness. Whether you want décor, furniture, rugs, pillows or blankets, you can find everything your home needs here.

d+k renewal


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A shop that’s full of patterns and colors, d+k Renewal offers rugs, pillows, artwork and more — all inspired by global cultures and the heritage Bohemian style. Plus, you can easily find items evoking the Moroccan style. So, if you’re looking for vibrant pops of color and puffs and bold textures, this is the stop for you.

Loom + Kiln


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If you want to add an earthy vibe to your Bohemian décor, find beautiful ceramics at Loom + Kiln. The company primarily focuses on textiles and ceramics, and every piece is handcrafted by local artisans or craftsmen from different corners of the world. Therefore, unique vintage finds like old rugs and trinkets brought from various travels are sure to offer a one-of-a-kind feel for your boho apartment.



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With a mission to help customers kickstart their own creativity, Jungalow offers many colorful, rich items that provide a boost of inspiration and go well with plants and personal trinkets. They also focus on doing good for the community and environment, as well, tapping into the love that Bohemians have for nature and the world at large. As a result, colorful designs incorporated into vases, rugs, furniture pieces or wallpaper await you on their website.

Salt & Sundry


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Bringing together items from independent local and global makers, Salt & Sundry is a place where you can find items carrying a unique signature. On this site, you’ll find gorgeous accessories, as well as tableware, glassware, textiles and more. Plus, if you’re looking to incorporate the boho signature look in other areas of your life, they also carry paper goods and self-care items.

Atlantis Home


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The idea of Atlantis Home was inspired by the image of the sunken Atlantis, where beauty is preserved and the old is forever new. Here, you can find the inspiration you need to embrace the journey toward Bohemian décor and style: Shop bedding, pillows, clothing and more to truly incorporate the boho vibe in your life.

Zoco Home


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If you’re looking for a twist on Bohemian décor, check out Zoco Home, where you can find pieces inspired by Scandinavian design that balance the eclectic signature of the boho style — while still keeping the light, airy, natural vibe it offers. In their store, you can find everything from home accessories to rugs and furniture, as well as unique finds to add a signature item to each space.



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Zetuké is an online shop that offers inspiration for Bohemian design, as well as all the items you need to bring this style into your home. From signature rattan and wicker furniture pieces to tableware, vases and other accessories, you can find many items here that will create that quintessential Bohemian look. Plus, they encourage you to reuse items you already bought in different ways and to think creatively in order to refresh your style and see your home in a new light.

We hope you’ve found the inspiration you were looking for and are now ready to turn your place into a Bohemian dream. Have we missed your favorite shop for Bohemian décor and design? If so, let us know!

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