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8 Colorful, Quirky Maximalist Accounts to Follow on Instagram

In a world where minimalism has gained and maintained notoriety in recent decades, what happens to those of us who love things and colors? For example, the book hoarders and knickknack collectors; the neon enthusiasts and fabric mixers; the decor addicts and thrifting afficionados. The answer lies in maximalism and the creative liberty it provides those who are brave enough to escape the earthy tones of minimalism and let their personality truly shine.

Maximalism may be one of the most difficult design trends out there. But, fortunately, there’s one place you can look for advice without actually having to hire an interior designer: Instagram. This colorful cornucopia is the perfect spot to find inspiration for those who know that “more is more,” but who are also unsure of how that “more” should be displayed.

So, while you may not be ready to go full Jackson Pollock on your home just yet, these eight colorful Instagram accounts will definitely help you find your creativity and inspire you to practice maximalism your way.

1. @colorful_kimmes

This former beauty salon owner turned content creator embraces the lively lifestyle in every aspect of her life. And, nowhere does that shine more than in her home, which she proudly displays on @colorful_kimmes. Every corner — from the bedroom to the patio — is a colorful oasis with thought put into every nook and cranny. As an added bonus, Kim is a true DIY queen: From knocking down walls to wallpapering, she documents the full process of changing your home.



2. @thepinkbohemian

Don’t let the pastels fool you: @thepinkbohemian is an eclectic home full of colorful prints, pillows, rugs and layered materials. The account is run by Salomé Maisonnoire, whose passion for drawing was the impetus for her Instagram journey, which began during the pandemic. And, while we’re all moving away from the quarantine lifestyle, Salome isn’t moving away from her love of all things color. As such, she continues to show off her continuously changing home and provide inspirational photos of her projects.



3. @bohofrisco

Boho chic meets colorful craziness in Amanda’s Instagram account: @bohofrisco. If you want to incorporate plants into your designs or are wondering about the best way to add a splash of color to your rooms with a wall accent, @bohofrisco is the spot for you. Plus, Amanda dives into the maximalist lifestyle even more in her blog, where she gives amazing advice — like creating a plan for the difficult task of letting go of things as a maximalist.



4. @prettypocketprojects

Unconventional is an understatement for @prettypocketprojects. The moment the pictures of this account load onto your screen, you’ll witness an explosion of color, patterns and things. Honestly, we didn’t even know where to look first and got lost for minutes on end exploring just one photo. Tasha’s mission is to make sure everyone is living their best boss life full of color and joy, and one thing’s for sure: She’s leading by example.



5. @theretroflat

Obviously, a creative person requires a creative space. As an illustrator, Emily couldn’t have thrived in a dull, beige apartment. So, she did what she does best: She added color and patterns. Her greatest inspiration comes from 1960s and ’70s retro fashion and funky shapes. But, the small details are what truly make @theretroflat an inspiration — from the flower-power bathroom to the patterned-crochet blanket that Emily’s dog, Dolly, loves to snooze on.



6. @raw.home.interior

Continuing with the list of artists, Agi Raw, of @raw.home.interior transformed her home into an art display in and of itself. The light walls are the perfect background for the colorful paintings that adorn them, as well as the eclectic decor that fills up the house. Meanwhile, the patterned, light blue ceiling and matching curtains are a personal favorite. Plus, Agi’s flower arrangements are proof that a simple touch can mean so much to your space.



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Agi Raw (@raw.home.interior)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Agi Raw (@raw.home.interior)


7. @annalysejacobs

Artist by day and Instagrammer by, well, every other moment of her life, Anna Jacobs is a master of patterns and murals. In fact, she manages to breathe life into the dullest of spaces. As a result, her home is continuously changing, while still remaining a color haven. Fun before and after photos on her profile, @annalysejacobs, show just how much a colorful, quirky personality can turn a house into a home.



8. @picsfromcandice

As someone who loves having people over, Candice of @picsfromcandice made it her purpose to turn her home into a place that makes people feel happy and bright when they come in. The soft furniture makes the space even more inviting, while the fun patterns give it personality. Most important, Candice reminds us that even though your home is a rental, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with it



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Candice ? (@picsfromcandice)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Candice ? (@picsfromcandice)


Bold colors are an easy way to give your home a personal touch and make it unique. Beige and white walls aren’t the best choice for everyone, and if you feel the same way, these Instagram accounts are the perfect place to start looking for inspiration and new ideas on turning your house into a cozy home.

Andrea Neculae
Andrea Neculae
Andrea Neculae is a creative writer at RentCafe, with a passion for bringing human-interest stories to light. Writer by day and bookworm by night, she loves reading and reviewing anything from the classics to sci-fi and fantasy. Her writing skills are complemented by a special interest in graphic and web design. From research about the rental market to home décor and interior design, Andrea’s articles cover many layers of a renter’s universe. With an academic background in Language Arts, Andrea is always looking to develop new skills and further her knowledge.

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