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Best Steakhouses in Phoenix


Sometimes, we stick to our New Year’s resolutions and go for nutritious salads; other times, we carpe diem and let ourselves crave a big, juicy steak. It’s called balance. And, if you’re a Phoenix local or are interested in relocating and are currently looking at apartments in Phoenix, the good news is that this sunny metro has an abundance of great steakhouses to please every craving!

So, without further ado, check out this list that we put together of the best steakhouses in Phoenix — and keep them in mind the next time you want to celebrate life!


The Capital Grille

With an impressive rating of 4.8 on both Google and Facebook, guests seem to leave The Capital Grille with their bellies full and their senses delighted. Comfortable, yet sophisticated, the restaurant is known for its juicy, flavorful stakes, seafood specialties and impeccable service. Plus, The Capital Grille also prides itself on its extensive wine and cocktail menu, as well as freshly made desserts that will top off every successful celebration here.


Ocean Prime


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Named “the best seafood restaurant” by three different Arizona publications, Ocean Prime is the perfect place to combine your love of steaks with everything surf and turf. With a modern feel and an impressive menu of prime cuts of steak, fresh seafood and signature cocktails, this chic restaurant is bound to offer an unforgettable dining experience that will satisfy all tastebuds.


Steak 44


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Apart from the exceptionally good food, reviewers also praise Steak 44 for its excellent service and the staff’s outstanding attention to detail, which makes guests feel at ease and taken care of every step of the way. The menu is also quite diverse: You can find everything you could possibly crave at Steak 44 — from USDA prime-grade beef, and the highest-grade Domestic Wagyu to fresh seafood, unique side dishes, and enticing appetizers. Pair them with an award-winning wine list or a couple of delicious cocktails and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect night out.


Bobby-Q BBQ Restaurant and Steakhouse


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As part of a franchise that includes Baltimore, Mesa and Phoenix, Bobby-Q’s is known for serving great steaks and authentic barbeque in true wild, wild west fashion. What’s more, the restaurants also carry a long and fascinating history behind their walls, all of which began with legendary restauranteur Bob Sickora, who was on a mission to bring the best steaks and barbeque to Phoenix. Today, with a more relaxed atmosphere and hearty options for lunch menus and happy hours, Bobby-Q’s is a staple among Phoenix residents who crave a delicious steak on any given day.


The Stockyards Steakhouse

This old-school Arizonian steakhouse is better pictured in sepia tones, as its long history and original feel make it one of the most true-to-its-origins places in Phoenix. Tagged as “Arizona’s original steakhouse”, The Stockyards opened its doors back in 1947 and continues to pay tribute to the state’s heritage by offering a menu based on its historical past: beef. The restaurant promises only the finest corn-fed, aged steaks and prime ribs coated in flavorful ingredients and paired with hearty sides that will leave guests feeling full and most definitely satisfied.


The Rokerij

With a unique name that means “smokehouse” in Dutch, this stone house restaurant offers not only a selection of tasty meats and stakes, but also a hidden gem in the form of a downstairs cellar bar. Plus, the dim lighting, intimate atmosphere and copper-topped bars make Rokerij the ideal place to be for a cozy — might we say even romantic — night out. And, the excellent service will certainly make any guest feel right at home.

Laura Pop-Badiu
Laura Pop-Badiu is a creative writer at RentCafe, with a background in content marketing in reputation management and the hospitality industry. Having graduated with a degree in Journalism, Laura has a genuine passion for the written word and is an avid reader of horror, thriller and literary fiction. She enjoys researching and writing about lifestyle trends and the real estate market. You can connect with Laura via email.

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