7 Great Things for Renters to Do in Phoenix

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Phoenix, the illustrious “Valley of the Sun,” is not just a haven for renters seeking ideal apartments for rent but also a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be explored. Dive into this guide and discover what makes Phoenix the perfect blend of modern living and timeless adventures for every renter in plces like: Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden; Phoenix Art Museum; Canyon Lake; Phoenix Zoo; Heard Museum; South Mountain Park & Preserve.

Year-round warmth, historical sites, modern architecture, hundreds of entertainment options and emerging business opportunities — what’s not to love in Phoenix? This unique desert metro has rightfully gained its “Valley of the Sun” status and is now one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. For those looking to rent in this thriving desert metro, it’s not just about finding the right apartment. It’s also about exploring the city’s rich tapestry of experiences.

So, if you’re about to relocate and are looking for apartments to rent in Phoenix, we put together a list of great things to do in Phoenix that will keep you busy and entertained!


Learn About the Desert Flora at the Desert Botanical Garden


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Renters searching for apartments in Phoenix often fall in love with the natural surroundings. If you generally think of the desert as a barren, lifeless land, you might change your mind after visiting the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden. Nestled among the impressive red landforms of Papago Buttes, this botanical garden is the definition of a desert oasis, filled with majestic cacti, lush trees, plenty of succulents and vibrant wildflowers. Here, renters can explore one of the five thematic trails and spend the day learning more about the fascinating desert flora.


Explore the Phoenix Art Museum


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When considering apartments for rent in Phoenix, it’s impossible to overlook the city’s rich cultural scene. Known as the largest museum for visual arts in the Southwest United States, the Phoenix Art Museum spreads across an impressive 285,000 square feet and checks all the boxes for every history buff. Here, you’ll find valuable collections of American, Asian, European, Latin American and Western American art — both modern and contemporary — along with fashion designs and photography exhibitions. The museum also doubles as a community center, where renters can attend and enjoy live performances, festivals and independent art films.


Cool Off at Canyon Lake


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A hop away from rental apartments in Phoenix, Canyon Lake is the ideal escape for renters seeking a nature-infused break. Nothing pairs better with the Arizona heat like a day by the lake swimming or having a relaxing picnic with a view. A well-known and highly popular recreational spot for Phoenix residents, Canyon Lake also offers multiple hiking trails, as well as camping and boating options. If that sounds like a plan, Canyon Lake should definitely win a spot in your travel plans.


Meet the Animals at the Phoenix Zoo


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The largest non-profit zoo in the nation, the Phoenix Zoo can be found in the Papago Park area of the metro and is one of the top local attractions year-round. Its primary focus is the conservation of certain animal species, including endangered ones, and it even has a sanctuary for rare wild animals. Here, you can find more than 1,400 different animals, along with four themed walking trails and a petting zoo if you really want to get your dopamine levels up. It’s an essential destination for renters with families or those simply seeking a weekend adventure.


Learn about Native American Art at Heard Museum


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Renters passionate about culture should make a beeline for the Heard Museum. It’s exclusively focused on Native American art that is created by both Native American artists and tribal communities, as well as artists inspired by the Native American culture. The museum is a tribute to the long-standing Native American history and culture, and it ensures the preservation and advancement of its unique traditions and influences. You can enjoy multiple galleries in the Heard Museum, as well as a library and shopping and dining options.


Explore Nature at South Mountain Park & Preserve


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More than 16,000 acres comprise one of the largest municipally managed parks in the nation. For renters who’ve chosen apartments in Phoenix for its natural beauty, South Mountain Park & Preserve, one of the nation’s largest municipal parks, offers trails, horseback riding, and unbeatable desert views. Divided into three main mountain ranges — Ma Ha Tauk, Gila and Guadalupe — this popular spot also prides itself with Dobbins Lookout, the highest point in the park at more than 2,330 feet. So, if you want to really take in the beauty of the desert, South Mountain Park & Preserve is the right spot for you!


Take a Scenic Ride in a Hot Air Balloon


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Speaking of taking in the beauty, if Dobbins Lookout isn’t high enough for you, a hot air balloon ride should definitely do the trick. Ideal for renters seeking a unique perspective of their new city, these rides promise captivating views. In fact, Phoenix is known for its hot air balloons that reach an altitude of 2,000 feet and higher, ensuring the absolute best views of the desert area. The rides last an average of three to four hours and promise to be an unforgettable experience and the best scenic views you can get. You can even book a ride either at sunrise or sunset and take the best photos of the gorgeous Phoenix area.

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