8 Best Restaurants for Renters in Aurora, CO

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Looking for great places with delicious food that are perfect for an outing as a renter? The 8 best restaurants in Aurora to keep an eye on are: Bent Fork Grill, Helga’s, The Nile Ethiopian Restaurant, Rosie’s Diner, Seoul BBQ and Sushi, The Summit Steak and Seafood, My French Press and Sam’s No 3.

When moving to a new place, it’s important to know that there are great places to hang out, chill with friends for a drink, or visit for a tasty meal. Fortunately, for renters planning to move out west and searching for apartments for rent in Aurora, there are plenty of amazing restaurants – check out just a few of them below!

1. Bent Fork Grill

A restaurant featuring all-American classics with a slight twist, Bent Fork Grill is known for its amazing food and menu full of “intoxicating martinis.” To give you an idea of what to expect, make sure to try the macaroni and cheese with lobster and the buffalo pot roast. And luckily for you, they just opened a second location, so it makes it that much easier for renters to go try their food.

2. Helga’s

With German influences throughout many American restaurants, it’s no surprise that one could be found even in Aurora. But Helga’s is not just a restaurant. It’s also a deli for local renters who love the food so much that they want to take some of the ingredients home with them. So, make sure to stop by and try some of the traditional German dishes.


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3. The Nile Ethiopian Restaurant

As its name suggests, The Nile Ethiopian Restaurant features Ethiopian cuisine. And, although renters can order their own dish, the restaurant encourages customers to embrace the Ethiopian way of eating food by sharing the same plate. Also, while you’re there, make sure to ask for the traditional flatbread, known as injira.

4. Rosie’s Diner

Embracing the American cuisine, Rosie’s Diner can be considered a museum of the typical American restaurants of the 1950s. Decorated with neon lights, black and white tiles, and handmade milkshakes, here renters can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in the most traditional American way. To complete the experience, each booth has a jukebox where you can purchase two songs for just a quarter.


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5. Seoul BBQ and Sushi

The food scene in Aurora would not be complete without Asian cuisine, and Seoul BBQ and Sushi is the best Korean restaurant for renters in the area, known for its hearty soups and curries. It also features some of the most popular and tasty meals, including what is considered to be one of the world’s greatest hangover cures, Bibimbap. This meal is comprised of rice, eggs and meat in a spicy broth. So, make sure to check it out, hangover or otherwise.

6. The Summit Steak and Seafood

The Summit Steak and Seafood is a local restaurant that’s great for events, a night out or a dinner date. While it opens later than most restaurants in the area, its dining experience makes up for its limited hours. The restaurant also usually features live music, as well as a happy hour in which all cocktails are half off. Here, the food is also top-notch, which makes it that much easier for renters to enjoy themselves in an already amazing environment.

7. My French Press

A popular café and breakfast place, My French Press is the place to go for renters who enjoy traditional French breakfast food alongside American classics. Combining French toast and crepes with fried eggs and mixed meats, there isn’t a customer who won’t walk away satisfied and coming back for more. They also bake some of the best French style breads and pastries, which you can take home with you.


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8. Sam’s No 3

Specializing in Mexican food, Sam’s No 3 also features American and Greek cuisine classics. Fortunately, this makes it easier for customers to choose from the 16-page menu – or not, given that everything on that menu is worth trying and guaranteed to leave local renters wanting more. However, if you’re still undecided, make sure to try one of the skillets served with fresh, sizzling chilis, as these just so happen to be one of the restaurant’s biggest draws.

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