7 Ways to Keep Yourself Busy When You’re Stuck at Home

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In the span of just a few days, more and more people have started thinking about fun new and productive ways to keep busy at home. For some, home leisure activities quickly went from killing boredom to crossing things off checklists and making the most of staying in. It turns out that your homebody friend knew a thing or two about that.

From things to do when the WiFi is down to online entertainment ideas that are already taking off among the younger generation, below are seven ways to keep busy within the comfort of your apartment:

1. Find New Content Online

You don’t need us at RentCafe to tell you that Netflix is at your fingertips, much like any other streaming service or gaming platform. Online entertainment preferences vary, so it’s up to you which social media services you enjoy, which news you prefer and which new apps you can make room for on your phone. The point here is to move away from your daily routine of scrolling through the same old timelines and news feeds. Rather, take this opportunity to use your time wisely and expand your preferences. You might just discover new worlds and new online communities that are the perfect fit for you.


2. Prioritize Self-Care

Being cooped up inside your Philadelphia apartment may trick you into thinking there’s nothing worth getting ready for or wondering why you should put any effort into your appearance if you’re not going to step foot outside your San Francisco rental anytime soon. Instead, think of how nice it sounds to soak your feet in warm water right about now. And, that hair mask that you need to keep on for two hours? Now’s the time to do it. The same goes for that long bath with bath salts, bubbles and maybe even a nice glass of wine on the side. If pampering has always been an afterthought, this is your chance to make it more of a priority. Who knows, it might become part of your regular routine and teach you to never forget about yourself no matter the circumstances.

3. Read…

…something else besides news tweets. Everyone has that one book that you keep postponing or that celebrity biography that was a best-seller and your friends swore by. Or, maybe well-researched editorials are more of your thing. Whatever it is, there’s nothing like reading to take your mind off of things and keep your brain engaged. So, every now and then, turn off your notifications and find something to take you on an intellectual journey.

4. Get Cooking

There’s no excuse now for not getting around to cooking more or trying that new pasta recipe your colleague told you about. Besides the obvious current need to cook at home rather than have it delivered, cooking is also a great way to relieve stress. Not only does it calm us down, but it also serves as a great creative outlet. Plus, every day can be dessert day if you so choose! While you’re at it, share some quality time with family and teach them how to cook – or let them teach you. There’s no such thing as too many cooks in the kitchen in times like these, so take this opportunity to bond with the ones you live with.

5. Any Form of Exercise Will Do

Unlike cooking, now may seem like the easiest time to make excuses for not exercising. While hitting the gym is not the best option, and online classes with a trainer may be bothersome, let’s face it – self-discipline is a virtue most of us lack anyway. But, after those first few days of working from home, your body will make the decision for you and urge you to keep that blood pumping.

Fortunately, there are a ton of easy online tutorials you can follow, and just as many professionals willing to take you through even the most basic routines. All you need is enough space to move around and the willingness to get started. Here’s a pro tip: just because you’re in the comfort of your own home does not make your pajamas the go-to athleisure item. Instead, put on your workout gear and you’ll find it easier to get into the right active mindset.

6. Tidy Up

A clean house is always nice to return home to. A clean house you have to spend a few days on end in? Even nicer. Besides the obvious scrubbing and dusting, pay attention to other places that need a bit of decluttering. Maybe the closet needs refreshing, the terrace needs a good sweeping, or you haven’t cleaned out your purse in a while. If you don’t necessarily feel like cleaning, try to embrace a pragmatic “might-as-well” attitude. Yes, vacuuming is not pleasant and changing your bedsheets feels like a chore no matter how nice sliding into the fresh ones at night feels. But, now you’ve got the time, so you might as well take care of the chores you’re been postponing.

7. Keep in Touch

It’s important to tend to your mental and spiritual needs just as much – if not more – in times of distress. So, waste no time in calling your family. Chances are they would love to hear from you. Or, video call your friends even if there’s nothing much to catch up on because you’ve been texting back and forth these past few days anyway. Either way, this a good time to put some more time and thought into communication with the ones who are truly important to us. Don’t forget to take care of them, too, if only from afar.

Spending time at home can be relaxing as well as productive. With COVID-19 (Coronavirus) putting a dent in our spring plans, it’s up to each and every one of us to make the most of our time spent indoors and stay safe.

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