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7 Easy DIY Ideas for Your Living Room

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Whether it’s for fun or out of necessity, there’s no denying that DIY has a certain charm to it. Plus, putting those crafts skills to good use can often take your apartment décor to a whole new level. If you’re passionate about leaving your imprint on the place you live or you’re simply curious if you can pull it off, here are seven easy DIY projects perfect for the living room. Let’s get started!

1. Hand-painted candle holders

If you’re looking to bring some warmth to your living space, one quick and easy go-to DIY idea is to paint and decorate candle holders. Simply choose transparent glass paint for the interior and dimensional paint for the exterior, or follow the easy steps here and mix any colors you want to best suit your living room. Then, go the extra mile and experiment with transparent stickers and even temporary tattoos on the exterior of the container.

2. Customized photo frames

Need a quick low-cost idea for the naked walls in your living room? How does a classy, vintage-looking frame for $1 sound? Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to decorating around your favorite memories of your favorite people in the world. Start small and simple by following the instructions here. After you’ve crafted your very own photo frames, leave the wood as is or paint it to your liking—there are no rules here!

3. DIY coffee table

No living room is complete without a nice coffee table to tie it all together. There are tons of crafty ideas online—some involve door slabs, windows, pallets, and even suitcases! All you have to do is pick and choose your favorite. At RENTCafé, our favorite is here in the form of intentionally stained wine crates. You just need about seven crates, some nails, screws, and a passion for vintage-looking furniture.

4. Accent wall mirror

If you’re looking for something that catches the eye, you can’t go wrong with a mirror. But, it’s not just any ordinary mirror! Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use multiple compact mirrors to create a central piece in your living room. Make sure you use safety goggles for this one!

5. Knitted ottoman stool

If you’ve picked up knitting as a hobby at any point in your life, you know how relaxing it can be. But, the best part of knitting is how multipurpose it can be. Clothes and accessories are fun, but why not take it a step further and knit ottomans? Check out these detailed steps on how to make the perfect ottoman (or pouf) to add to the coziness of your living room.

6. Hanging planters

Nothing brightens a room more than plants. If you’re struggling to find a spot for your plants or just need something different, give hanging planters a try. Whether you think leather would best suit your living room aesthetic or macramé is more your style, the internet is full of instructions on how to make the best out of your space and fill it with as many plants as possible.

7. DIY wallpaper

Walls frame our everyday lives, so why not have a little fun with them? Wallpaper is back in style, which means you can dabble in thinking up your own patterns. If you’re a bit short on inspiration, a geometrical wallpaper pattern is always fun and pretty easy to do on a budget by yourself. If you have around 6 hours to kill, a lot of tape, and a creative mind, go for it!

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out inspiring decorating ideas for the living room; you’re sure to leave an impression on all of your guests!

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