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7 Easy DIY Ideas for the Kitchen

diy kitchen

DIY projects come in all shapes and sizes, just like kitchens. And, even the smallest change makes a difference here, no matter whether you’re going for storage, easy access, or décor.

So, if your kitchen needs a breath of fresh air, don’t save up for an expert. Instead, get started yourself with these easy DIY projects for your kitchen.

1. Kitchen cabinet makeover with a twist

We can’t talk about kitchen DIY without addressing cabinets. But, instead of the classic repaint, take a different approach and update the hardware on the cabinets! Tiny details like hardware are what bring a kitchen together, so take a look and give a new life to all the knobs and hinges that you haven’t paid attention to in a while. The results just might amaze you.

2. Hand-painted plates

Painting ceramics is a beloved and useful pastime. To do it right, pay attention to the type of paint used and follow the easy instructions here.  Then, paint white plates that need a bit of color or pick a similar pattern for all the mismatched plates in your cabinets. If the results are particularly good, don’t shy away from hanging the plates on the walls to create your own art gallery in the kitchen.

3. DIY plate rack

Now that the cabinets and plates are upgraded, let’s talk about kitchen storage. Here’s a practical idea for all of us who struggle with space: a plate rack that you can move wherever you want or attach to the inside of the cabinet. You will need quite a few tools and materials for this one, but the detailed steps found here will guide you through the process. Also, be sure to arm yourself with a good pencil and patience.

4. Cute and handy mug tree

Continuing with the storage theme, what can you do with your favorite cups and mugs? Some of them are just way too cute to be kept inside a closed cabinet, so show them off in a mug tree. The steps are easy, but make sure you have all of the necessary tools before you get started. (Keep a ruler nearby for this one.)

5. Rolling kitchen island

This one is more about upgrading your existing kitchen island, bar, or even table. It’s aimed at those of us who like to entertain, yet struggle to bring out all of the necessities into the living room when guests are over, as well as to those who just like to eat and drink in different corners of the kitchen. Here are the instructions for this great hack to make the most of the space in your kitchen.

6. Chalkboard paint is your new friend

If there’s one room where you and/or your children are more than allowed to use as your canvas, it’s the kitchen! This is where chalkboard paint comes in. There are so many easy and fun ways to incorporate chalkboard paint into your kitchen makeover process; for example, you could leave adorable messages to your family on the fridge, write to-do lists on the cabinets, or keep recipes on a designated board. Matte chalkboard paint is fun to have around the house and looks classy when clean, so why not give it a try?

7. Your very own kitchen pegboard

Struggling to keep your kitchen organized? A pegboard with all of the things you need at hand (that doesn’t clutter cabinet or counter space) might be just the solution to this problem. All you need is part of an empty wall and some help to put up the board. This is particularly useful if you don’t have the luxury of a pantry. Simply follow the instructions here!

Now that you have some great ideas, get going on a few DIY kitchen projects of your own!


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