6 Non-Ikea Furniture Stores for a Unique Home

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As efficient as shopping at Ikea may be, we often find ourselves looking at the same few pieces in different apartments. It’s only natural since Ikea furniture is cheap, stylish and you can hack it into DIY home decor masterpieces. However, when you have a bit of extra cash to spare and want to add some modern elements that not all of your friends have, there are plenty of other furnishing options to enhance your home’s design. Whether you’re moving to a new rental apartment or redesigning your old place, here are six excellent furniture stores we picked out for when you want to decorate with flair:



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Wayfair is one of those online stores where you can pretty much furnish your entire house with one shopping trip. They have a vast selection of furnishings and decor items for every inch of your home, which means you can create a unique look for your place by mixing and matching different elements. The furniture styles are as diverse as you’d expect from a place that sells millions of items. The same can be said for their pricing ranges, since you can find something new for your home here even if you’re on a budget, especially in the opened box section of the website where you can save big with returned items. 



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If you’re looking for a modern twist on classic pieces, Joybird is your one-stop-shop for everything classy. This online furniture store really does have it all: high-quality materials and expert craftsmen which come together to create a beautiful and unique take on the mid-century modern style. At the same time, Joybird furniture is customizable, so you can take part in the creative process yourself. While these pieces will run you a pretty penny, the sheer quality of Joybird furniture is worth it — if you buy something from them, you can rest assured it will last you for years to come.  



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Nadeau’s motto is furniture with a soul, and for a good reason. Their pieces are unique and all of their items are sourced from artisans who handcraft them around the world. If you’re the type of person that likes to explore different cultures and you feel constrained by having to pick between different variations on the same classic themes, Nadeau is for you. Being a family-owned brick-and-mortar company focused on providing affordable and quality furniture options to all, the experience of shopping with them is well worth the trip out. Each visit you make is an exciting treasure hunt, as their inventory is constantly changing. 



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Article launched in 2013, but have already become household names among those who search for high-quality pieces that are both beautiful and priced moderately. Article’s modern yet timeless furnishings will certainly become centerpieces in your home, as they’re attention-grabbing enough to make an impression, but blend well with any environment. You can get classic pieces to complement your style or go wild with some of their more eclectic items, so there’s something for everyone in this online store. On top of that, you’ll usually get your order in two weeks or less!

The Inside


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If you pride yourself on your unique style and you want to customize every facet of your home’s look and feel, The Inside is here to help. Customizing your furniture with high-quality fabrics is usually a time-consuming and often unattainable process when it comes to pricing. However, The Inside has figured out a way to both give you control over the design of the pieces and deliver them in a timely and cost-efficient manner. They only build what customers order so that they can ship fast and sustainably produce beautiful pieces. Plus, they have plenty of collaborations with amazing designers, so you’ll choose from a beautifully curated selection. 



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Last but not least, if you’re looking for a diverse selection and want to have your pick from multiple designers’ products, Dwell Magazine’s online shop is a master of curation. Filled to the brim with expertly picked pieces that will add flair to any style and home, this shop will definitely convince you to order at least one finely crafted item for your apartment. From bedroom furniture to decor pieces and functional items, Dwell’s shop has an ever-refreshing collection where you’ll always find something you love. And if you’re stuck on inspiration, you can use their guides to find the perfect pieces for any place and event. 

Looking for a new place to decorate to perfection? Browse through thousands of apartments near you and find your next home. 


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