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9 Tips to Prevent Your Dog from Barking in the Apartment

Barking is a form of communication, and there are numerous reasons why your dog barks. Dogs bark to get your attention, to solicit play or when there is an intruder in the house. They also bark when they are stressed, lonely or bored. However, bored or stressed dogs can bark relentlessly for hours. Relentless barking is an annoying habit that affects even the best-behaved and well-trained dogs.

Remember, dogs are wonderful and beautiful creatures that bark to show their grievances and express their feelings. So, if you are dealing with irritated neighbors and relentless barking, you should first find out why your dog is doing that. Once you find the root of the problem, you can try and remove the stimuli and focus on training your dog. For that, we’ve prepared this list with a few tips on how you can stop relentless barking.

dog owner reading

1. Training

Most dogs respond perfectly to crate training and can stay silently in their crates for an extended period. Therefore, you might want to consider this as an option. You can learn more about how to train different types of dogs. If your dog gets anxious when confined in a crate, then you should get him a foldable Ex-Pen. These pens are usually portable and can be easily stored in small spaces. If this doesn’t work, then you should consider hiring a professional trainer. An experienced trainer can show you other tips for keeping him from barking the whole day.

2. Provide Entertainment

dog playing with ball

One of the leading causes of excessive barking is boredom, so before leaving the house, you should make sure that your dog has some sort of entertainment. You can create a unique DIY treat by simply making a 2-inch cut into the side of a tennis ball. Then, push some treats into the ball and let him play with it the whole day.

You can also fill kong toys with peanut butter and then put them in the freezer for an entire night. The kong toys are specifically designed for keeping your dog busy, so they will be occupied the whole day trying to get the treat out of the ball or get the last drop of frozen peanut butter.

3. Physical Exercise

Another method for dealing with boredom or restlessness is providing your dogs with plenty of exercise before leaving for work. Morning walks can help dogs burn some of the energy and as such they’ll laze in the house the whole day. If you have a tight schedule and can’t give him his walk, you can consider scheduling some walks during the day using numerous apps like Rover and Wag. The dog walker will come to your home, leash your dogs and take them for a walk.

4. Block Their View

dog looking out window

Most of the time, dogs don’t just bark to make noise. Sometimes barking is usually a response to an interesting sight or a perceived threat. There could be a squirrel on a tree outside the apartment. Therefore, most dog owners address this issue by cutting off the sounds and sight from outside. So make sure you draw the blinds and the curtains before leaving the house. You can even place a huge object near the window to block the visual stimuli.

5. Control the Noise

Another solution to this problem is blocking outside noises. Your dog can’t bark if he can’t see or hear anything from the outside. So, you can try and leave your television or radio on before leaving for work. You can also block outside noises by using a white-noise machine.

Remember, there are television stations for dogs, so you can turn it on before leaving. But, make sure it’s not too loud as it could agitate your dogs and neighbors. The perfect combination of no external visual stimuli and constant sound makes dogs feel like they are not alone in the house.

6. Use Positive Reinforcements

hug dog

You can start giving them some treats every time they show restraint or stop barking after seeing a squirrel on a tree. Let your dog know that he is behaving well by giving him treats and a lot of attention. This positive reinforcement will eventually result in your dog not barking every time he sees a squirrel, even in your absence.

7. Visit the Vet

Sometimes the constant barking might not be caused by visual stimuli or boredom. Some pups have separation anxiety that ranges from mild to severe. Dogs with separation anxiety can be quite difficult to calm down. So, if nothing seems to be working, then it is time to try a medical solution. However, you should not medicate your dog without a vet’s guidance. Irrespective of how well you know your dog, you must consult a vet before administering any drug.

8. Use Anti-Stress Devices

If your dog has anxiety issues or gets stressed easily, then you should look for the best anti-stress device on the market. Some of the most reliable products include:

  • Spray collars: a spray collar is a perfect and harmless alternative to a shock collar. Most spray collar work by spraying lemon-scented mist to your dog’s face every time he barks. Since dogs don’t love citrus, this will distract and even discourage them from barking in the future.
  • Stress-relieving collar: This collar produces a pheromone that resembles the chemicals produced by female dogs to calm their pups. This collar is affordable and very easy to use.
  • Anxiety jacket: this jacket can be quite helpful when dealing with a dog than barks a lot when anxious. They are made using a breathable material that gives the dog a calming effect every time he gets nervous.

9. Get a Pet Sitter

The pet sitter can give your dog the needed potty break and take him for his daily walk, helping him burn the extra energy. This can be an excellent solution for pet parents with a tight schedule.

Final Thoughts

Dog parents will do anything to make sure their furry pals are happy and comfortable. In this case, it includes finding out why their dogs are barking relentlessly when left alone during the day. Remember, even well-trained pups can start barking relentlessly, so make sure you eliminate the stimuli, and try as much as possible not to scold them when they start barking. Intimidating them can worsen the situation; after all, you don’t want your dog to fear you.

Mihaela Buzec
Mihaela Buzec
Mihaela Buzec is a senior writer and online content developer for RentCafe. She covers topics about everything related to the renting lifestyle, from decorating and interior design to finding the right apartment, frugal living, money saving advice, and more. She dives deep into topics of interest, writing well-researched comprehensive guides on subjects such as renting with pets, saving on utilities, or avoiding rental scams to help renters stay informed and live smart. Mihaela holds a BA in English and German Language and Literature, an MA in Current Linguistics, and she is currently pursuing a PhD in neurolinguistics.

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