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Keeping Your Body and Mind Fit While in Quarantine

Exercising is necessary for a healthy way of life. While some of us are working out to achieve some long-time goals, others want to simply stretch their muscles with a nice walk after some long hours sitting at the desk. While it’s no doubt easier, and perhaps even more motivating, to get out of the house to work out, our current situation does not allow for such luxury. However, regardless of the intensity of the workout, both our bodies and our minds experience the immediate benefits that come from exercising, and it’s for this reason that we shouldn’t have to give up working out – or to postpone starting to work out – while we have to stay inside.

So, here are some apps you can download and use for free to help guide your workouts right from the comfort of your own home.

Nike Training Club

Available for both Android and iOS users, the Nike Training Club app offers all types of workouts, from bodyweight only workouts to yoga classes to fully equipped home workouts. What’s more, the programs are put together by experts to allow users to find workouts that address their interest as far as what and how they want to work out. Plus, Nike.com is also offering 25% off on most of its products, in case there’s equipment or workout attire you need to help you stay fit.


Rated the #1 fitness app, Fiit offers a wide variety of classes ranging from 25 to 40 minutes that you can take advantage of anytime, anywhere. Although that “anywhere” is only your home right now, you can still work on your mobility, breathing and strength training, or just relax with some yoga, or whatever your needs are. While not entirely free, Fiit does offer a 14-day free trial for its Premium membership.

Yoga with Adriene

While we’re all waiting for things to eventually get back to normal, it’s important to focus on keeping our minds healthy and not let stress completely take over. For this reason, Yoga with Adriene is a great resource to get your yoga flow and focus your energy on what matters- you and your well-being. Plus, with more than 500 free videos (available on YouTube, as well), there’s a lot to choose from for everyone, from those wanting to try yoga for the first time to the yoga masters.

Sarah Fit

Sarah Fit offers everything from recipes to workouts to pre and postnatal fitness guides, among many other tips and suggestions. In fact, there’s an entire category dedicated to quarantine workouts that are meant to keep you moving your body, from specific muscle groups to full-body workouts. The videos are entirely free and can also be found on YouTube.

Sweaty Betty

In addition to offering leggings meant to fit everyone based on individual body shapes, Sweaty Betty – a fitness attire shop – also has its own blog. There, they cover topics such as how to work from home, what to cook and how to deal with anxiety. They even offer home workout videos completely free to best suit your fitness level, as well as your available time frame, allowing you to either squeeze in a workout between online work meetings or right before starting your workday.


Aside from its high-quality, famous lululemon leggings, the brand has also created a community focused on ensuring that #thesweatlife carries on. It offers an abundance of sweat sessions and mindfulness practices, and you can access all the necessary videos to complete a workout session in your home for free. Some videos are available directly on the page, but many more are accessible on YouTube.


Typically, Fitbod focuses on personalized workouts depending on your strength-training ability, past workouts and the equipment you have available. However, during this period, it’s offering bodyweight only workouts free of charge. Simply download the app and create a profile to benefit from these workouts until May 1st, or later, depending on how the current situation unfolds.

While staying inside is by no means easy, especially as spring is settling in, invest some of the time spent at home into working out. Meanwhile, help your mind stay focused on the positive and your body healthy and in shape not only to combat COVID-19, but also to be ready for when, once again, you can roam freely outside.

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