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Hosting While Renting – Your Guide to Throwing the Best New Year’s Party an Apartment Has Ever Seen

It’s that time of the year again, and although it’s hard not to feel like 2021 only seemed to last a week, the New Year’s festivities are inevitably upon us. So, if you’re planning to host a little get together in your apartment on December 31st and you have a few concerns about it, know that you can, in fact, have it all: you can be renting and hosting like a pro — if you follow a simple plan and a few solid rules.

From physically making room and decorating your apartment, all the way to ensuring that nothing and no one gets broken, we’ve covered the most important ways to prepare for the best New Year’s party!


Give a heads up to the landlord and the neighbors

No matter how big or small the party is going to be, it’s best to get the “ok” from your landlord and neighbors beforehand. While New Year’s parties are expected, it’s important to be mindful of everyone around you — and living in an apartment building means that you have to keep the noise under control. So, make sure that your landlord and neighbors know that you’re hosting the festivities and assure them that you’ll be careful and respectful toward everyone’s needs.


Come up with a few simple house rules

End-of-year celebrations are all about fun and good times. But, no one wants to deal with the mess that’s left behind or the things that got broken by much-too-jolly friends. Therefore, without taking the fun out of it, try to lay out some simple house rules and either have them on display or explain them to your guests once they arrive. In particular, rules about noise levels or cleaning up will save you a lot of trouble in the new year.


Reorganize and make room for everyone

To ensure the success of your New Year’s party, you have to create room for your guests — to eat, dance, rest and socialize. Fortunately, you can maximize the space you have (even if your apartment is on the smaller side) if you move a few pieces of furniture around. Note that it doesn’t have to be anything major — just move the coffee table to a corner and bring as many seats as you can close to one another. Likewise, if you’re planning to ring in the new year dancing, make sure there’s space for that, and that every area is well-defined and accessible.


Opt for an open buffet instead of a diner table

Depending on how many guests you’re inviting, setting up the dinner table might pose a challenge. So, if you have a larger number of friends coming over and/or your apartment is on the smaller side, consider an open buffet, as opposed to setting up the table and seating everyone. Then, ask your guests to contribute dishes that can be easily served and eaten. And, if you want to avoid the after-party clean-up, you can also choose paper plates and cups. As long as everyone has a seat somewhere and the food you’re serving is hassle-free (perhaps stick to mini hamburgers and cupcakes instead of stew), you should be good to go.


Decorate and make it festive

Last, but certainly not least, a little bit of décor can go a long way. Without overdoing it, you can add little accents and pops of festive colors (silver and gold are especially fitting for New Year’s Eve). For example, hang a sparkly garland in an empty corner or decorate the buffet table with shiny stars or string lights. Keep in mind that you don’t have to break the bank for this. You can even create DIY decorations if you’re feeling crafty. However, avoid things like candles, which can be easily knocked over, as well as confetti, which will leave you with a lot to clean up.

Laura Pop-Badiu
Laura Pop-Badiu is a creative writer at RentCafe, with a background in content marketing in reputation management and the hospitality industry. Having graduated with a degree in Journalism, Laura has a genuine passion for the written word and is an avid reader of horror, thriller and literary fiction. She enjoys researching and writing about lifestyle trends and the real estate market. You can connect with Laura via email.

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