Best Christmas Gifts for Apartment-Dwellers

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Christmas is just around the corner, and shopping for the perfect gifts for family and friends can be quite a challenge. Personal preferences, taste, needs, and, oftentimes, where they live all play a role in choosing the ideal gift. Naturally, when it comes to apartment-dwellers, getting them a gift that helps make their new home feel more like home, could do the trick.

So, if you have friends or relatives who are either looking for an apartment for rent to move into before the holidays or who are already living in a rental, here are some gift ideas that could make both Christmas and their living space that much more special.

Nesting bowls and kitchen essentials

There are certain things that everyone needs in their home to make life a little easier, one of which is nesting bowls. A practical gift in terms of both the way all the bowls fit inside the other, as well as the fact that a set comes with multiple sizes of bowls, this is a perfect gift for someone who currently lives in or is moving into a rental. Not only does it take up a minimal space, but they’re sure to find a use for it at one point or another.

Along the same lines, any kitchen essentials such as plates or a silverware set, or even wine or regular glasses, are all great options, especially if you know they need them. This way, you can gift your friend or relative something that they’ll like and actually use.

Personal blender for the basics

Many people with for a blender and, whether we actually use it, or it ends up just stored somewhere in our home, it’s definitely not a purchase we usually regret. For this reason, gifting a blender might not be such a bad idea, especially now, when they come in all sizes and with multiple features to make smoothies, cream soups, and more.

Mini coffee maker

Another must-have for many people is a coffee machine. However, how fancy the coffee maker is depends on how refined one’s taste is for coffee. Fortunately, most coffee machines today can satisfy our need for morning caffeine. Therefore, getting your coffee-loving friends or relatives a good mini coffee machine may be the best gift for Christmas. While you’re at it, complete the gift with some holiday-flavored coffee that they can try out in their new coffee maker.

Portable desk for sitting or standing

In the current work-from-home scenario, investing in a home office, or at least improvising with what we already had at home, has been something many of us have had to do. So, if you know your friends or relatives are in this situation, Christmas is the perfect time to get them a portable desk that can be used when both sitting and standing. Not only is it extremely useful, but it also doesn’t take up too much room, so storing it in the apartment won’t be a problem.

Portable speaker

While investing in a sound system in an apartment may not be practical with neighbors, a speaker is a great gift idea to be able to listen to music louder than your laptop or TV allows while not entirely disturbing those living next door. To take it to the next level, look for a waterproof speaker that they can also use in the bathroom. Best of all, given its portable nature, this great gift for the apartment can also be used anywhere the owner goes.

With Christmas less than a month away, finalizing your gift list is a must. And, as you look for the perfect presents for your loved ones, it’s important to consider both what they want, as well as what they need, whether it’s for them personally or their homes. Good luck!

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