Moving in the Summer: What You Need to Know

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Choosing to move in the summer offers many benefits, which is why it is the most popular time of the year to relocate. But summer moving does have its downsides, not least the heat.

To help you prepare properly for it, we have some summer moving tips that will make things easier if you intend to move home during the warmer months. Let’s look at some of the most vital things to know in this summer moving guide.

Allow Yourself Enough Time

It would help if you didn’t leave preparation for your move ’till the last minute. Summer moving requires planning, and you should start early. Begin the chore of packing up your possessions at least a month before your moving day, starting with the things you aren’t likely to need in a hurry.

If you are hiring movers, you’ll need to begin selecting the company you will use a couple of months beforehand. It will make sense to start checking out some of the best moving companies early, especially during the summer season, as they are likely to be booked up.

If you are making a DIY move, you want to research moving trucks and get the boxes you will need for your possessions well in advance. There are numerous places to find moving boxes that should suit your needs. Getting your boxes early will allow you to start the moving process sooner.

Expect Higher Charges

hire moving company

With many people moving in the summer, there is a high demand for the things you need to help you move, so you will likely have to pay more. If you need to rent a truck or hire professional movers, this is the most expensive time of the year to do so.

Families with children use this time of year to move because school’s out, and college students will also be moving in and out of dorms. Even for movers not in these groups, better weather makes moving from home to home popular.

Reduce Costs by Purging What You Don’t Need

Most of us have some form of an inner packrat. Moving is the best time to consolidate your belongings. Trim the fat of what you need and what you don’t. One of the better ways to reduce what you bring is by donating to a local charity.

There are plenty of charities you will be able to donate to. Some of them will even come to your home for a donation pickup.

Research Storage if Needed

Do you require temporary storage? If so, you will also want to get that squared away while researching movers. Maybe you will have temporary housing before you hit your final destination? There are many excellent self-storage options worth investigating.

During the peak summer months, you will likely find storage costs to be higher. Consider shopping around for your needs as early as possible. Doing so will be even more crucial when moving out of state.

Stay Hydrated Throughout

moving in the summer hydration

Drinking enough water is always considered necessary, and this is particularly true when you choose to relocate in the summer. Lifting and carrying furniture and boxes is thirsty work, so make sure everyone involved has enough to drink.

Please see that you have plenty of water bottles readily available for people to take when they need them. You should even do this when you’re using professional movers, because even if they don’t need it, you probably will.

Don’t Choose to Move on a Holiday Weekend

During a holiday weekend like Memorial Day, Labor Day or the 4th of July, there will be more traffic, more costs and possibly less help available. Your journey to a new home will likely be more complex, with more vehicles on the road and detours required. These are also the days when the stress levels will be the highest, so avoid picking these as your moving date.

Start Early on Moving Day

On the day of your move, begin as early as possible to avoid the hottest part of the day. You can get most of the difficult work done before the heat peaks.

Starting early can also help avoid the busiest times on the road. If you can begin your move before 8 am, you’ll likely be driving to your new destination when it’s more humid but with less traffic. If you’re not able to begin as early as that, perhaps starting your move in the late afternoon or evening will be better.

Dress Appropriately for the Move

Consider what you need to do on moving day and choose the proper clothing. If you are going to be carrying boxes and helping move furniture, you’ll need to be comfortable. Also, don’t wear anything that could add to your problems, like open-toed footwear. The heat needs to be considered as well, so less heavy fabrics will be better than bulkier clothing.

Use the AC

use ac moving during summer

If you can turn on the AC in your new home before arriving on moving day, you should do so. This will likely only be possible if you live nearby, but it will help take the heat out of a hot summer move.

If you cannot do this beforehand, it should be your priority when you arrive at your new home. When you relocate in the summer, staying cool is a priority.

Protect Your Tech

Damage can easily be done to your possessions during a move, and your electronics are particularly at risk when you move in the summer. Aside from damage when being dropped, electronic items can also be damaged by heat.

Pack these items separately and leave them last when filling the truck to stay out of the heat for longer to reduce the chances of problems. They should also be in waterproof bags, just in case there is a summer shower.

Protect Yourself from the Heat and the Sun

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen with a high SPF before you begin your day, and then reapply later to protect yourself against the summer sun. Sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 should be applied half an hour before going out in the sun.

A portable fan can be critical throughout the day of your summer move. It will help if you haven’t been able to turn on the AC in your new home in advance. You could set up a fan near the entrance to help people when carrying items back and forth. If you don’t already have some fans available, they aren’t expensive and should be purchased as part of your moving preparations.

Protect Your Pets

protect pets from heat during summer

If you are moving with pets, they need special consideration when relocating generally, and even more so in the summer. While you are busy during the day, don’t leave your pet in your car, not even with the windows open or the air conditioner running. Instead, ensure they are kept in the shade or an air-conditioned room and have enough water to drink.

Use Coolers

You don’t need to throw out any perishable food items when moving to a new home. Coolers packed with ice can be used to transport food on the day of your move. As long as these coolers remain cold enough, the food should be fine when you get to your new place.

While moving in the summer is more popular, it can also be more difficult. But if you follow our advice, it might not be as exhausting as it could be. With all this in mind, you might find it better to hire professionals or even choose to move at a less popular time.

Change Your Address

change your address after moving

Last but not least, make sure you change your address with the post office. One of the most frustrating things when moving is not getting your mail in a timely fashion. Your blood will likely start to boil when you’re not receiving vital bills you are expecting.

Make sure you put changing your address at the top of your moving checklist. You’ll want to minimize moving mistakes as much as possible. Waiting till the last minute to change your address will be something you’ll regret.

Final Thoughts

Moving any time of the year is challenging, and sometimes even the best-laid plans are in flux. Murphy’s law loves to rear its head when people relocate, so preparation is the key to a successful move. Hopefully, you can put some of these summer moving tips to good use.

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