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This Is How Much Apartment Space $1,400 Gets You in 39 Cities in Minnesota

  • For $1,400, you can rent 867 square feet of apartment space in Minnesota, on average, or 11% more than the national average.
  • Of the 39 Minnesota cities included in our research, Moorhead had the largest and Minneapolis had the smallest apartments for $1,400, offering 1,488 and 675 square feet, respectively, for that price.
  • Use the calculator at the end of the article to find out how much space you can rent in Minnesota on your budget.

The size of an apartment is one of the most important features when choosing a place to rent. And, as we’ve been spending more time at home in recent years, space has become even more valuable. But, if you’re looking to move and hoping to get as much apartment space as possible for your money, note that the size of rental apartments can vary widely in the state of Minnesota.

So, as the busy renting season kicks off, we wanted to make your search a little easier by researching the amount of space you could get for the average monthly rent in Minnesota, which is around $1,400. While $1,400 would get you 780 square feet in the top 100 most populous cities nationally, the average apartment space in Minnesota for this price is a little higher — 867 square feet.

Specifically, of the 39 cities we analyzed, you can get an apartment larger than 900 square feet for $1,400 per month in 27 locations. Granted, the size of apartments you can rent on a $1,400 budget in the North Star State varies from 675 square feet in Minneapolis to more than twice as much space in Moorhead (1,488 square feet).

Check out the infographic below to compare apartment sizes on a budget of $1,400 in 39 cities in Minnesota:

Top 5 Cities with Most Apartment Space for $1,400

The most spacious rentals you can get for $1,400 in Minnesota are located in western Minnesota in Moorhead, which offers a generous 1,488 square feet. St. Cloud apartments are the second-largest with 1,334 square feet, while the third-largest are in Sartell with 1,219.

Apartments for rent in Mounds View come in fourth among the top five cities with 1,119 square feet. The fifth-largest apartments you can rent for $1,400 are in Brooklyn Center, a nearby suburb of Minneapolis, where you’ll get 1,067 square feet of living space.

Top 5 Cities with Least Apartment Space for $1,400

The places with the least apartment space for $1,400 are located throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington metro. Minneapolis — the largest city in the state — has the smallest apartments for $1,400, averaging 675 square feet. It’s followed by Golden Valley, one of Minneapolis’s suburbs, where the average $1,400 can get you 743 square feet.

Edina has the third-smallest apartments for $1,400, averaging 791 square feet, and is followed by St. Louis Park with 795 square feet. Lakeville apartments complete the top five least-spacious apartments with 799 square feet of living space for $1,400, despite being further away from Minneapolis than other cities.

What You Can Rent for $1,400 in the Minneapolis Metro

Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington is Minnesota’s largest metro, and the space you can rent here for $1,400 ranges from 1,119 to 675 square feet. Mount View has the most spacious apartments (1,119 square feet), followed by Brooklyn Center (1,067 square feet) and Anoka (1,063 square feet).

At the other end of the spectrum, Minneapolis — the largest city in the metro — has the smallest apartments for the average state rent: 675 square feet. Following it is Golden Valley with 743 square feet and Edina with 791 square feet.

If you want to see the numbers for each city in Minnesota’s main metro, check out the graphic below and swipe right for more details:

See How Much Space You Can Get on Your Budget

Want to find out how much space you can rent on your budget in these Minnesota cities? Use the calculator below:

Enter numeric characters only.
Choose your city
Apartment size for your budget Sq. ft.

Methodology is a nationwide apartment search website that enables renters to easily find apartments and houses for rent throughout the U.S.

To compile this report,’s research team analyzed Yardi Matrix apartment size data and average rent prices. State average rent and apartment size information is based on multifamily properties of 50 units or more across the entire state of Minnesota in cities with a minimum population of 10,000.

The average apartment space per $1,400 of rent was calculated by dividing $1,400 by the average cost of rent per square foot in each of the 39 cities studied, ensuring a statistically relevant sample size of apartments.

Fair Use and Redistribution

We encourage you and freely grant you permission to reuse, host, or repost the research, graphics, and images presented in this article. When doing so, we ask that you credit our research by linking to or this page, so that your readers can learn more about this project, the research behind it and its methodology. For more in-depth, customized data, please contact us at

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Mihaela Buzec
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