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House or Apartment: What Should You Rent?

House versus Apartment for Rent

While searching for your perfect home, you imagine the ideal lifestyle you want to live in. For some people, it’s a quiet home, with a pretty garden out in the back and plenty of space for your dog to roam free. For others, it’s a modern apartment just a few steps away from public transit, with an indoor pool on the lower levels.

You may think you already know what kind of home you want to live in, but don’t close off your options before considering these factors:


Remember that whether or not you would enjoy living in a single family house for rent or a rental apartment depends on your ideal lifestyle. If you’re someone who needs their peace and quiet, the close quarters and sometimes thin walls of apartment living might not be suited for you. Additionally, a house has plenty of room for gardening and you also have the option of getting a large dog if you want to. Houses are also ideal for having friends and family over, providing the space to entertain. That’s not to say you can’t socialize in apartment complexes, which sometimes will have a common entertainment room that can be rented out.

House for rent with a garden

On the other hand, if you’re reliant on public transportation, apartments are often situated in more convenient locations where access would be easier. Location-wise, apartment and condominiums are typically closer to supermarkets, retail, and restaurants, making them a perfect spot for late-night snacks and entertainment.


There are all kinds of expenses and costs that you will have to add on top of your rent depending on where you live. It’s important to consider some of these ahead of time so that you are aware of what you’re really getting for your money. For example, houses are likely to be more expensive, especially if you consider the utility expenses it takes to heat a whole house compared to a one-bedroom apartment. However, if you find an all-inclusive rental you could be getting a good deal for the amount of square footage a house offers.

Another cost to be wary of is transportation. Car expenses alone can add up to be a lot, but parking is another cost that is not always included in your lease. If you’re looking for an apartment rental, don’t assume that parking is always included or available in the building.


The size of the place, as well as the size of your family,  is likely the first factor you should think of when deciding between renting a house in the suburbs or an apartment. A house will offer more room and space for a bigger family. It’s also ideal if you have small children who will want to play and run around. However, if you’re moving out on your own or want to split a place with a roommate, apartments are smaller, but at the same time low maintenance and easier to take care of. The building will also have professional management that you would be able to rely on as opposed to a house, in which you only have your landlord to turn to.

Family moving into a small apartment


Many buildings and apartment complexes boast lots of amenities and extra perks. For example, some will have an indoor pool, a gym, a sauna or even an entertainment room open for residents to use free of charge. Houses, on the other hand, might not have as many amenities. However, when you live in a neighborhood or houses, it’s likely there are playgrounds, parks or sports fields nearby.

Apartment Building with pool

At the end of the day, keep your options open – regardless if you’ve got your heart set on a house for rent in Houston or an apartment in Miami. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that all houses will have gardens and all condos will be in convenient locations.

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