How Much Apartment Space Can You Rent for $1,700 in Columbus?

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Looking for the best rental means balancing what you can afford and getting enough space to live comfortably. Across the country, renters pay about $1,700 in monthly rent, on average. Typically, this budget gets them 944 square feet of apartment space, but what your money can rent depends a lot on where you live and look.

In Columbus, OH, it’s easier for renters to find big, spacious rentals that don’t put a dent in their wallets. The city and its suburbs offer good bang for your buck if you hunt for deals and remain realistic about square footage relative to your budget. Wondering where to find ample apartment space in Columbus without breaking the bank? We compared options across different areas and found that suburban locations often offer generous square footage and plenty of green spaces, making them ideal for those seeking an affordable and roomy place to live.

To make things easier as you search for your next place to call home, here’s a list of five zip codes that stand out for offering generous living spaces — more than the national average of 944 square feet — in the Columbus metro within a $1,700 monthly budget:

  • zip code 43065
  • zip code 43082
  • zip code 43017
  • zip code 43085
  • zip code 43220

Let’s explore these areas and uncover the spacious living opportunities they hold.

Renters can find ample apartment space and relaxation in zip code 43065

Zip code 43065 promises roomy accommodations, as apartment seekers can get 1,110 square feet for $1,700 per month in this area. Nestled in this zip code are neighborhoods known for their tranquility and family-friendly atmosphere. The community here boasts a diverse mix of renters, from young professionals seeking solace after a bustling workday to families desiring a peaceful suburban lifestyle. With parks, shopping centers and eateries dotting the landscape, zip code 43065 offers renters both convenience and comfort.

Enjoy nature and more elbow room in zip code 43082

In zip code 43082, renters can secure 1,139 square feet for $1,700 per month. This area exudes a serene ambiance, attracting individuals who appreciate the harmonious blend of nature and urban conveniences. From upscale neighborhoods to quality schools, 43082 appeals to families and professionals alike. Renters here enjoy access to parks, recreational facilities and a lively local scene, making it an enticing destination for those prioritizing space and tranquility.

Spacious and upbeat living in zip code 43017

A bit further west, in zip code 43017, renters can get 1,147 square feet of apartment space for $1,700. Boasting a mix of residential neighborhoods and commercial hubs, this area (encompassing Dublin) caters to diverse renter demographics. Whether you’re a young couple starting a new chapter or a seasoned professional seeking a dynamic community, 43017 provides ample room for growth and exploration. With its array of dining options, shopping destinations and cultural attractions, this zip code ensures a fulfilling living experience for apartment dwellers.

Generous apartment space and fun activities in zip code 43085

Zip code 43085 invites renters to indulge in 1,158 square feet of living space for $1,700 per month. The area covers parts of Worthington and serves as a gateway to expansive living, attracting people seeking a balance between suburban tranquility and urban accessibility. From established neighborhoods to thriving commercial districts, 43085 offers a diversity of living environments. Here, renters can choose from amenities for every taste, including parks, entertainment venues and recreation spots, fostering a welcoming community.

Get cultured and enjoy more elbow room in zip code 43220

In zip code 43220, renters can secure 1,176 square feet for a monthly budget of $1,700. This area is a great choice for those in search of abundant living spaces within proximity to city conveniences like major educational facilities and museums. With its eclectic mix of neighborhoods and amenities, 43220 caters to a wide range of renter preferences. For example, students might find it comfortable to rent here and easily get to the Ohio State University campus. Whether you’re drawn to its bustling commercial centers or its serene residential streets, this zip code offers something for everyone. From parks and restaurants to cultural attractions, 43220 promises a fulfilling living experience enriched by ample space and endless possibilities.

As you can see, renting in Columbus offers plenty of opportunities for securing ample apartment space within a $1,700 budget. By exploring the top zip codes highlighted above, renters can embark on a journey toward finding their ideal living space, where comfort, convenience and ample elbow room await.

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Alexandra Both is a senior creative writer with RentCafe. She has more than six years of real estate writing experience as a senior editor with Commercial Property Executive and Multi-Housing News. She is a seasoned journalist, who has previously worked in print, online and broadcast media. Alexandra has a B.A. in Journalism and an M.A. in Community Development.

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