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An email is required to be on file in our system, prior to registering for a Resident and Family Portal Account. 

When creating your password it must meet all of the following criteria: 

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**Our online resident services system may indicate your email is associated with an existing account not associated with this property. You may continue using the same email address during this registration process by entering your existing password.A minimum of one numeric value

**If you are a family member and we have set you up as a primary payer on behalf of a resident, please be sure to use your first name, last name, email address and registration code that we provided to you in your registration letter. 

**If you are a family member using the Portal on behalf of a resident who is their own primary payer, please request that we add your email to the resident's record. Once we have your email on file you can register using the resident's first name, last name, your email, and registration code as indicated in the resident's registration letter.

**If you are a resident, set up as your own primary payer, please register using your first name, last name, email address and registration code as provided to you in your registration letter..

**If you experience any registration issues, please be sure you are registering with the exact name, email and registration code as indicated in the registration letter.

**If you continue to experience any issues please notify us of these issues. If you could please have your message include the exact credentials you are using during your portal registration attempt as well as request that we check to see if we have inadvertently set you up with a Global Contact Record. We want to thank you in advance, as this will allow us to review and resolve your registration issues in the most efficient way possible.

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