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Housing Choice & Project Based Vouchers (Section 8)

This portal is used exclusively for MDHA Rental Assistance.

Applying for the MDHA Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8) Waiting List is always free. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), who funds the program, does not allow any agency to charge a family to apply. Beware of websites that charge a fee to apply for the housing program. These websites are not affiliated with the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA) or the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The only way to apply for MDHA housing is through MDHA’s official website.

Online Applications for Project-based Vouchers have been extended and are OPEN once again. Please see the Updated Notice below.

Online Applications for our Housing Choice Voucher Waitlist is now CLOSED as of 10/25/2019 at 3pm (CDT)

Contact updates to existing applications are always permitted.

Your Waiting List Position is now available to review – Your waiting list position is now available to review in Rentcafe. To review your position on the waiting list(s), click on the My Waiting List Status button after you login, then click on the Waiting List Details tab located under the Waiting List Information area. Your waiting list position will be listed under the Position column for each waiting list you applied for and your position will change as the waiting list(s) are processed periodically.

The Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency will accept online only applications for certain Project-Based Voucher (PBV) properties on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at noon CDT on Wednesday, July 10, 2019 and continuing until futher notice. Depending on the number of applications received, the waiting lists may remain open beyond July 17, 2019. Please check the MDHA website often as we will open project-based waiting lists on an as needed basis.

Updated Notice: The Robinson Flats (one and two bedroom) and Sycamores Terrace (one and two bedroom) waitlists have been extended and have been reopened for new online applications. Applicants must be 62 or older and have an adjusted income at or below 50 percent of the area median income. If you've already submitted an online application for these two properties between July 10, 2019 and July 17, 2019 and your application was accepted, then your online application is still valid and active. 

The MDHA Section 8 voucher program offers two housing assistance options: tenant-based housing choice voucher (HCV) rental assistance and project-based voucher (PBV) rental assistance. The tenant-based program allows assisted households to use a voucher at privately-owned rental markets units. The project-based program offers rental housing assistance options at specific locations. The tenant-based program waiting list is currently closed.

Some PBV waiting lists are open. You may apply for any or all of the sites that meet your family's needs, provided the waiting list is open. See below for specific site descriptions and to apply to any waiting list that is open. For a list of frequently asked questions for the PBV program, click here to see our FAQ page.

Waitling List Preferences

  • Residency Preference - Be advised that priority is given to persons who live in Davidson County, Tennessee. Proof of eligibility for a preference is required. For example, for persons who state that they live in Davidson County, Tennessee at the time of application, a rental lease agreement and utility bills or other verification are required.

Multifamily and Senior/Disabled Projects

PBV housing assistance locations offer a variety of housing options. Some sites are intended for families, while others are age restricted, intended for seniors and/or persons with a disability. MDHA also offers a number of PBV special needs sites that provide amenities and/or services specifically for persons who have disabilities. For these special needs sites, you must contact the agency listed by the property and be referred to MDHA by the agency in order to be placed on that property-specific waiting list.

Multifamily Apartments


  • There are no Multifamily Apartment waiting lists open at this time.

Senior/Disabled Apartments   
  • Robinson Flats1205 Robinson Rd.; Old Hickory, TN 37138 Robinson Flats offers one and two bedroom units with comfortably-sized bedrooms and bathrooms. All units come with a washer and dryer. There’s several common areas, including fitness center, business center, and an activity room/lounge for residents. This property also features onsite activities for residents. Applicants must be 62 or older and have an adjusted income at or below 50 percent of the area median income. Leasing throughout 2019.
          Waiting List Status: OPEN
              Waiting List Status: OPEN


Special Needs Projects

To apply for these specialized housing options, you must be screened and referred to MDHA by the agency listed. Upon receipt of a referral from the agency, MDHA will add you to the waiting list for that site. Waiting times vary by housing site, depending on the number of units available and number of applicants on the waiting list.

  • Park Center Residential Services
    Park Center’s Independent Residential program provides affordable permanent supportive housing for people with mental illness and substance use disorders. Residents must be eligible for the services provided through Park Center’s Independent Residential program. People receiving services at Park Center have a diagnosis of severe and persistent mental illness or co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders. Services include wellness and recovery planning, care coordination, peer support, employment assistance, budgeting, transportation assistance and recreational activities. Currently there are three sites – 1414 – Fourth Ave North120 South 10th Street and 1511-1519 Shelby Ave., and all are one-bedroom units. To qualify for the waiting list, you must be screened and referred to MDHA by Park Center’s Residential Services program. 

           To apply, please visit to submit an online referral. 
            For questions, please email:

  • ????The Next Door – Freedom Recovery Community
       Located at 2100-2102 Clifton Ave., Nashville, TN 37203, the Freedom Recovery Community is  a permanent, affordable, sober living community that provides housing and           supportive services for women in recovery and their children. You must be eligible for supportive services offered. The Next Door provides a variety of supportive services           available to all residents. Services include case management, recovery support as well as access to community services, budgeting and finance courses, parenting classes           and job skills training. Staff at the Freedom Recovery Community also coordinate services with other local organizations and resources. Representatives from the Family               Center and Jobs for Life provide job skills training (writing resumes, interview skills, etc.) and parenting classes. Residents are also connected to other resources for                   counseling involving PTSD/trauma and crisis support. To qualify for the waiting list you must be screened and referred to MDHA by The Next Door.
          To apply, please contact:
              Kristy Pomeroy
              Community Services Manager
              Phone: 615-251-8805 ext. 608


HOW DO I APPLY for Multi-Family and Elderly/Disabled PBV Sites from here?

To apply for available PBV housing assistance options, complete the online application. You must apply to each housing site that you are interested in by checking the waiting list box next to each location. Only sites where applications are being accepted will be shown. Please apply only for the sites you qualify for and want to live at. For example, if the site is restricted to those 62 years old or older, and the applicant family’s head of household or spouse is not 62, please do not apply as it delays the processing of the applications for those who do qualify. The same is true for any waiting list by bedroom size. You must be eligible for the unit size applied for based on the following guidelines. Single person households do not qualify for a two bedroom unit unless necessary as a reasonable accommodation for a person with a disability.

In order to qualify for assistance, the total family gross annual income may not exceed the 50% income limit for the applicable family size. 
Current income limits are as follows:

MDHA is now utilizing the nationwide RENTCafé portal service 
To use this portal service, you will need to register a new unique User Name and Password and include a valid email address. You may already have a registered profile on RENTCafé  for another property, whether it's at MDHA, or another housing agency, or property management company. If this is the case, you can use your registered RENTCafé email address, but you must register a new unique User Name to use this portal. Please review the User Name and Password instructions shown below before you start your registration process. After your registration has been completed, an automatic email will be sent to your registered email address confirming your registration has been received.

Online Application Helpful Local Resources 

  • For anyone needing assistance in completing an online application, a limited number of computers will be available along with MDHA staff at the MDHA Randee Rogers Training Center, 1419 Rosa L. Parks Blvd, Nashville, TN 37208 from noon until 3 p.m. on Wednesday, July 10, 2019. There will be no computers or staff available to assist at our 620 Dew St. MDHA office on any day.
  • Assistance will also be provided by Catholic Charities of Tennessee from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Monday through Friday during the open application period at their C.E. McGruder Family Resource Center at 2013 25th Ave. North.
  • Anyone needing access to a computer with internet service may visit a local public library.
  • For assistance with language interpretation or other accommodation or service, call 615-782-3960.
  • For a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), please click here.

User Name Instructions

A User Name is a unique name that you define on your online application for this waiting list. The User Name will automatically default to your email address. It should be changed to a new unique User Name if you are entering multiple online applications for many individuals, or if you plan to apply for other MDHA properties. Here are some User Name examples:

  • User Name Example 1:

I’m an individual and I want to be on the MDHA Project-based Vouchers (Section 8 PBV) waiting list(s). I can use my email address for my User Name, but I can also define my User Name to be a unique name that I can use exclusively for these waiting list(s). Example: My name is Jane Doe and I’m applying for the Project-based Vouchers waiting list(s). So, I’ve decided to make my User Name be jdoemdhapbv. This unique User Name will always be associated with my MDHA Project-based Vouchers waiting list(s) online application.

  • User Name Example 2:

I’m a social worker and I’m entering many online applications for my clients who do not have an email address or access to a computer. I can enter my email address for each online application, but I must create a unique User Name for each online application that I enter. Refer to the previous example if your client plans to apply at other MDHA properties.

Password Instructions

  • Must be a minimum of ten (10) characters.
  • Must contain at least one uppercase letter.
  • Must contain at least one lowercase letter.
  • Must contain at least one number.
  • Must contain at least one symbol (@, #, $, %, &, etc.)

Has your Contact Information changed?
Please remember to revisit our RENTCafé portal and update your RENTCafé profile as your contact information changes. Simply go to and click on the Update My Housing Application and select this Housing Choice Voucher waiting list. We want to make sure we can contact you when your name is called!

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Send your questions to Recommended web browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 or later, and any mobile Android or IOS web browser. MDHA’s Statement on Non-Discrimination and Fair Housing polices.

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