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woman in a life crisis

Stuck in a rut? Let a life coach get you back on track

Life coaches in Atlanta are here to help you get your personal, professional, and spiritual life back on track. What we need to arrive at our destination (and enjoy the journey) varies by individual. Some need a push; some need restraints; some need a more open mind and others need a more...

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Beautiful young woman looking depressed

Top tips to reduce stress in Philadelphia

Are you a Philly stress case? Is there too much on your to do list and the result is more grey hairs and fewer hours of rest each night? We’re all busy, but if your level of activity is such that it is influencing your quality of life, it may be time to slow down and take a look at how...

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Sun going down on another great day in Dallas.

Dallas jumps in rank on coveted U.S. city list

Feeling lucky to live in Dallas? You should. Our city made big gains this year in a nationwide poll that asked Americans where they would most like to live (excluding their current city and state). Texas was the fourth-ranked state, up from No. 8 last year. The polling results were...

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