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The Shiny New RENTCafe Mobile Apps Are Here!

RENTCafe Mobile Apps

Laptops, desktops… Who even uses them these days?! Alright, most of us still do, but let’s just agree that some things were meant to migrate to the mobile world. Think about it: when was the last time you booted up your computer to order a pizza or check your inbox… See? Looking for a new apartment (or paying your rent) is no different—and that’s why we are constantly working to improve the RENTCafe Mobile Apps.

The latest versions are out, so let me attempt to sum up how they make your life easier:

Apartment Search by RENTCafe (for Android and iOS)

Search by location

RENTCafe Apartment SearchThanks to the built-in GPS search feature, Apartment Search by RENTCafe lets you instantly spot all nearby rentals when roaming the city. You can of course look for apartments for rent anywhere else in the U.S.—but to keep the results relevant, you can draw a custom area on the map and restrict your search for that region.

Filter your search

We wanted you to have all the features that you got used to in the desktop version of RENTCafe, and sure enough, you can filter your search results just the same and just as intuitively! By specifying your preferred rental types, the number of bedrooms you want, entering a price range and selecting a couple of desired amenities, you will be sure to get only the most relevant results.

See photos, amenities, pet policy and more

Once you’ve successfully narrowed your search to just a handful of properties, check out the available floor plans, whether or not you can bring your pet, the full list of amenities, and  of course the all-important photos.

Save your favorite communities and keep track of available units

RENTCafe Apartment SearchWhat was the name of that apartment I saw yesterday, with that great kitchen and nice views? — apartment hunters know this feeling all too well… A clever feature in the app not only lets you save your favorite communities, but you can also keep track of available units for when you decide to make the move.

Contact the property

Got to the apartment you wanted? Cut out the middleman and contact the property’s management directly. We cannot stress this enough: all apartments on RENTCafe are managed by reputable property managers, so unpleasant surprises are no longer something to be afraid of. By contacting the building’s management directly, you’ll also get the most reliable information: real-time availability, accurate rent ranges, floorplans—with all rentals updated on a daily basis!

Browse safely

In a nutshell, the sharp new design is fun to use and more intuitive than ever. The essence, however, didn’t change: the listings are still 100% verified and scam-free!

RENTCafe Apartment Search


RENTCafe Resident (for Android and iOS)

If you’re already the lucky tenant of a RENTCafe property, we have the RENTCafe Resident app for you—a separate app available in the App Store and Google Play. You can think of it as Level 2 of the RENTCafe mobile experience or a Members’ Exclusive Edition, but we prefer to consider it a simple, dedicated tool for getting and staying in touch with your property manager. You can use it to view your account activity along with your balance and monthly charges. Another feature makes it possible to submit detailed maintenance requests with photos and voice memo, and track their progress. And of course, as it is expectable, you can also pay your rent through a secure and encrypted transaction.

So, whether in the middle of chasing down your next apartment, or just tired of multitasking your way out of the never-ending sequence of apartment-related duties, RENTCafe has got you covered with not one but two mobile apps to make your days that much easier.

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