Must Eat at Restaurants When You’re in Jacksonville, FL

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The Jacksonville food scene has evolved, and it continues to change with time. More and more great chefs are opening their own restaurants throughout the city, while long-standing diners and barbeque spots are still open today. This culinary diversity keeps the entire city together and attracts people from all over the country each year.

Especially for those looking for apartments in Jacksonville, it’s just as important to know where the best spots are to enjoy a meal. So, check out some of the best restaurants from every cuisine and bon appétit!

Aqua Grill

One of the best-known restaurants in Jacksonville, FL is none other than Aqua Grill. Naturally, either living in or visiting a city along the Atlantic Ocean means you can’t skip out on a meal of fish and shellfish. Located on the Ponte Vedra Beach, this restaurant has been delivering mouth-watering dishes for around 30 years. Even better, you can enjoy the restaurant’s food all day, as well as after-dinner cocktails, with a great view of the ocean.


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The Bearded Pig

Located in San Marco, the Bearded Pig is a favorite spot for families. Its casual nature and open patio make it the perfect barbecue joint to enjoy smoked meat a-la-carte with the classic barbeque sides. And, don’t forget to order some starters, as well as some craft beer while you wait for the main meal.


This French bistro is a shoe-in on a list of the best places to eat in Jacksonville, but Biscottis is not only a bistro. It’s in fact a great place to grab a bite any time, whether it’s a quick brunch or a dinner. Located in Avondale, this one could easily become your favorite and easily accessible regular eating place. Furthermore, the menu features more than 20 desserts, so those with a sweet tooth will have plenty of treats to try, forcing you to return at least a couple of times.

Black Sheep

Black Sheep takes up almost an entire block in Riverside, but it carries a reputation that definitely makes it fully deserving of all that space. In addition to its focus on Southern cuisine, the restaurant also promotes local farm-to-table dining. It’s considered one of the hottest local spots in the city, especially since it was one of the first eateries to open its rooftop to customers and set the trend for many others to follow suit.


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Blue Orchid Thai

Thai cuisine is another must in the city’s diverse plate, and Blue Orchid Thai, although not entirely Thai, is known for its unusual spices that can’t be found just anywhere. Because of this and its creative meals, as well as the more traditional variety, that are all executed and delivered to perfection, that you won’t just want to check it out once. You’ll definitely be back for more.

Cowford Chophouse

Rooted in a historic building in the downtown area, everything about the Cowford Chophouse transports you to a dazzling, out of the movies, location. A true steakhouse in nature, here you can find some of the most select and over-the-top selections. Although a bit more on the pricy side, the service and food are completely worth it. And, after all, who doesn’t deserve to treat themselves once in a while?

Dwight’s Bistro

Undoubtedly, Dwight’s Bistro is one of the top Italian restaurants in Jacksonville Beach. In fact, it’s considered the best in the city when it comes to pasta, which is made in house by Chef Dwight Delade. With a focus on Italian cuisine, this spot is exactly what you need for any type of occasion – and the food will never disappoint.

Flying Iguana Taqueria

In Atlantic Beach, you’ll find one of the best Mexican restaurants, known for its Latin American cuisine and the specialty cocktails prepared by some of the best bartenders. For this reason, the Flying Iguana Taqueria is always a popular spot, especially on the weekend. So, get there early or go during the week to avoid the wait and get your hands on some of its amazing dishes.


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Finding a great place to eat is never an issue for those moving or travelling to Jacksonville. In fact, the only problem may be whether there’s enough time to try them all!

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