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Extreme bathroom makeover ideas

bathroom drapes around a tub
Courtesy of acountryfarmhouse.blogspot.com

Give your apartment a new life with a bathroom makeover! There is no need keep the same drab john that you moved into. Add character and class to your bathroom with decorative finishes. In the end, you’ll have a room that is functional and fun!

When it comes to redecorating, the bathroom is one area that is often overlooked. It’s just the home for the john, right? Wrong. How you decorate your bathroom can impact your day! Taking a relaxing bath in a soothing setting can be just what you need to unwind in the evening. Make the bathroom a place that is tranquil and serene. Or maybe your bathroom is where you work magic before a big night out on the town. Make the restroom chic, fun, and inspiring.

These bathroom design options will get your creative juices flowing.

Chic Voyeur Most bathrooms have a mirror but why stop at just one? Multiple mirrors can add an element of sensuality to your bathroom. Create drama with bold frames in rich colors. To tone down the voyeur element, spray the mirrors with glass frosting. You’ll see a silhouette without detail, which is still fun.

Many mirrors on a blue bathroom wall
From katrincargill.com

Comfy Seating – The toilet shouldn’t be the only seating available in your bathroom, especially if you’re blessed with space. A chair is a great place to toss your clothing or take a seat when you’re putting on your shoes, painting your nails, etc. Save space by using a corner chair. If you don’t even have a free corner available, at least buy a highly-textured, plush toilet seat cover. Don’t worry, the 80s are back in style. Don’t trust me? Place plush hand towels on the back of the toilet to add color and texture without a seat cover. (Roll or fold the towels.)

White bathroom  with vanity and chair
From decor8blog.com

Dramatic Draperies – Think beyond your shower curtain. If your apartment bathroom has a window, dress it with dramatic draperies. Richly colored fabrics can warm up a sterile, cold room. Floor to ceiling drapes add ultimate drama.

bathroom drapes around a tub
Courtesy of acountryfarmhouse.blogspot.com
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