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Renter’s Guide for Setting Up a Home Office That Inspires Creativity

Designing a stimulating work environment in your rental apartment can get your creative juices flowing and boost your productivity significantly. However, you can quickly get caught up in the world of interior design and end up spending a fortune on decorating your home office.

Instead, try these simple, budget-friendly and renter-approved decorating ideas to turn your home office into a hub of creativity and inspiration:

Find a functional layout

Creating the perfect office layout will facilitate your everyday work. Having everything within your easy reach will keep you in the work mood, minimizing unnecessary disruptions. The position of your desk is perhaps the most important because it should provide you with a great view, plenty of natural light and functionality. You can find the “power position” for your desk that, according to Feng Shui principles, will provide you with the best flow of energy. Namely, your desk should face the door, but it shouldn’t be placed directly in front of it. In addition, it also shouldn’t face a plain wall because such a view can hinder your creativity.

Declutter for an organized atmosphere

Declutter your home office

Office clutter will not only disrupt the visual balance in your office, but it will also create a chaotic atmosphere that can have a negative impact on your productivity. Furthermore, clutter can make you feel overwhelmed and stifled – especially if you’re living in a studio or a one-bedroom apartment. In addition, a messy office certainly doesn’t seem professional. You should decorate your office with just a few impactful decorations that will add to its atmosphere and give it an authentic character. Everything should have its place while just the essentials should be placed on your desk. Introducing plenty of storage units, such as boxes, shelves and wicker baskets, will help you keep clutter at bay and maintain an organized vibe. Decluttering your office will help you open up your space, fill it with a sense of positivity, and create a stimulating environment free from distractions.

Keep it cozy and comfortable

Comfort also plays an important role when designing an inspiring home office. You should feel completely comfortable and peaceful in your workspace, so it’s important that you maintain a pleasant indoor temperature and opt for an ergonomically correct chair. Moreover, adding a stylish area rug is a cost-effective way to cozy up your home office, introduce lovely patterns and designs, and even make a décor statement. Such a chic accessory can help you create a trendy look in your home office while also adding a touch of intricacy through a playful design. For instance, an enticing hand-knotted wool rug in a muted shade can work as an understated addition that will create a deep, layered look in your office.

Make room for greenery

Greenery and plants for your home office

Using plants as natural embellishments for your office is another simple, yet creative way to energize your space and introduce a sense of peacefulness. Welcoming houseplants to your office doesn’t require much money and it will provide you with numerous benefits. Since they act as natural air purifiers, they will fill your work environment with an atmosphere of airiness. This will have a positive effect on your productivity and make your office more enjoyable. Furthermore, houseplants have been shown to be excellent stress relievers, which is always welcome in an office. They will bring a tranquil natural vibe and a touch of soothing green to your office space.

Maximize natural light

Not only will natural light fill your office with a warm, flattering glow, but it will also enhance your productivity and improve your mood. Your desk should be placed in a spot that gets a lot of sunlight for the best effect, plus a lavish view – if you’re lucky enough to be living in an LA apartment with sea views. You should either leave your windows bare or decorate them with light curtains that will let natural light inside. Sunlight and fresh air will get your creative juices flowing in a heartbeat. Of course, you should also pay attention to artificial lighting and introduce desk lamps that will provide you with enough focused light for your work.

Design for prosperity

Decorating your office provides you with a great opportunity to give it a unique personality and express your sense of style. Surround yourself with decorations that remind you of strength, persistence and creativity, inspiring you to persevere even when you lack motivation. From inspirational quotes and motivational posters to stunning paintings and photographs, you should decorate your office with details that will encourage you to attain your goals.

Bring in some Zen

Zen atmosphere home office

You can easily get overwhelmed and stressed out by your obligations, letting your professional and personal lives blend. Try to create a Zen-inspired office ambiance that will remind you to stay calm and mindful at any time. For instance, a beautiful Zen garden of stones, sand and bamboo can help you slow down when everything starts to seem overwhelming. You can also introduce a calming water feature and let its sound fill you and your office with a sense of serenity.

Your office should inspire you to realize your potentials, so you should embrace these simple, budget-friendly hacks and use them to create a place of motivation, creativity, and productivity.

Nicky Iudean
Nicky Iudean
Nicky is a Senior Communications Specialist for RENTCafé.com, where she researches and writes about real estate, interior design, and all things that spark renters’ interests. She is also your go-to person for content collaborations. Nicky double majored in Marketing and Applied Economics and holds a master's degree in Marketing Strategies and Policies. You can reach her via email at

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