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Bringing Elegance to Your Rental Apartment

elegant rental apartment

When you’re redesigning your rental, you want it to be the most attractive living space that it can be and reflect your personality and lifestyle. However, before you make any changes, it would be best to talk to your landlord and get permission in writing for the alterations you want to make. To help you get started, here are some ideas that will add an elegant, sophisticated air to your rental.

1.      Natural Materials

When hunting for furniture, always aim for natural materials. Wood is a great first choice for any rental apartment. It’s both durable and stylish, making it an ideal pick for long-term use. However, not every kind of wood is created equal.

wood furniture rental apartment

For example, pressed wood is made from wood, but it’s not exactly the healthiest or most durable material out there. It’s often held together with resin that contains formaldehyde. This substance is considered toxic and it slowly releases into the air over time. It’s not going to cause you significant harm, but it’s still worth avoiding.

Solid woods are considered the best options. Birch, walnut, oak, and teak are great types of wood that can be made into gorgeous pieces of furniture. Get untreated versions of this wood or look for pieces with natural finishes, since they’re a lot better than solvent-based ones.

2.      Stone and Beam

If you’re looking to introduce a rustic look to your rental apartment, the stone and beam style might be just the thing you were after. It’s known for its modern, farmhouse-like appeal in pieces like chairs, bedding, kitchen essentials, or lighting systems.

stone beam furniture

With natural colors, this line combines aspects of multiple styles, including rustic, industrial, and boho. If you think this would lead to a chaotic look, that can also be aesthetically pleasing. It’s not far away from the idea of the shabby-chic style, which preaches that not everything in the apartment needs to be balanced and symmetrical.

3.      Vintage Pieces

When you want to add a dash of nostalgia to your rental apartment, you can always go for the classic vintage look. It’s one of those styles that never exhaust. Introducing soft and flowing designs will make your rooms feel a lot more cohesive. Adding warm and neutral colors only further increases comfort for the person living in the apartment.

elegant furniture

It’s not a vintage style without some accent pieces to bring it all together. Long, draped curtains that match the color scheme would do the trick. Decorative pillows and cushions contribute to the soft look of the design, making it feel even comfier and more nostalgic. Cover the wooden floors with floral pattern carpets and you’re sure to get a “noble” and antique look.

4.      Minimalistic Touches

There’s nothing that exudes elegance quite like minimalism. It’s a style that toys with simple concepts and designs, but utilizes them in some very complex and attractive ways. It’s all about using as few resources as possible to create the most interesting composition.

minimalist furniture

Every furniture piece stands on its own, while also blending in seamlessly with the rest of the room. The design can look cold at times, but this can be changed with some small additions. Evoke a sense of warmth with some interesting color combinations. A brightly-colored carpet would divert focus from the cold look of the design, while also adding a bit of richness.

5.      Modern Items

If you want your apartment to have a fresh, modern style, bright colors combined with complex background patterns that complement the style of furniture are the way to go. The bright hues of smaller décor items should be brought down with earthier tones in the background.

modern furniture

There’s a lot of variety that you can introduce to reflect a modern style. Match up a bright orange couch and table with a matte brown ottoman in the background. Newer materials are always encouraged, as they can help diversify the textures in a room. For art, you will want to add abstract imagery and geometrical accessories. Nothing too concrete, as the design of the room is basically a piece of art on its own.


Designing your rental to look unique and luxurious isn’t as difficult as it might seem at first. All you need is a vision and some creative inspiration. Before you start furnishing your rental, you should have a look at all the different styles that would go well with the layout. Consider some of these ideas and you might just have your much-needed inspiration.

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