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How to Design Your Rental Apartment for Peak Bohemian Vibes

bohemian design for rentals

The Bohemian aesthetic has definitely seen a major revival in recent times. It’s eclectic, energizing, and oh so easy on the eyes. It’s an Instagram-ready style that’s also comfortable for day-to-day living. So, if you’re looking to integrate Bohemian vibes in your rental apartment, check out these tips to learn how it’s done.

Boho Basics

Let’s start with a quick definition of this style. A Bohemian space should have an organic feel, so warm and nature-inspired materials are where it’s at: think medium wood tones, natural fabrics (rattan, cotton, linen, wicker, leather), and for metals, go for gold and brass. But this aesthetic is more than a calming dose of nature.


Boho style is also defined by high contrast, playful pops of color, and a feeling that is best described as “overstuffed.” Imagine it as the room of a world traveler who needs a comfortable place to rest between journeys and somewhere to keep the treasures they’ve collected along the way. Does it sound like a vibe you want in your apartment?

Comfort Is Key

One of the best things about the Bohemian vibe is that it’s actually comfortable. When you’re designing a space in this style, you’re investing in quality R&R. It all starts with an abundance of pillows on your bed and sofas. Go for fuzzy, extra-soft ones. In other words, pillows you’ll really want to use when you’re kicking back.

colorful bohemian interior trends

Another central feature is a thick, high pile rug. You may need to vacuum it, as it “sheds” more than average, but it adds plushness to the room, which is a must. Once you’ve got some soft surfaces to lounge on, you can move on to the aesthetics of the space.

Layer Your Look

Many interior design styles use a “less is more” mentality, but not Bohemian. You can really have fun with contrasting elements to add a feeling of fullness to the space. One important technique is stacking different textiles and textures. Use those warm, earthy tones we talked about earlier to create a neutral base, then pile expressive colors and patterns on top of that. This balance of simple and complex elements will make sure that the room’s design doesn’t get too loud.

vertical bohemian decor

However, layering doesn’t stop here. There are tons of design tactics that will help give your space that chock-full Bohemian feel. If you have art pieces of different styles and sizes, hang them in a dense formation to create a gallery wall. Make sure to use the vertical space in your apartment so you’re maximizing the impact of the design. And don’t be afraid to stock your shelves and other decorative areas with all kinds of goodies. Mix up the type and style of items in each place to avoid creating a cluttered look.

Getting Funky

Now you’ve got neutral organic tones with some color and contrast layered on top. It’s time to add some pizzazz! The biggest impact will come from a few key statement pieces. No Boho room is complete without some global inspiration, so look for art, furniture, or decorations that pull from all the corners of the world. Similarly, vintage and secondhand items add an important contrast to your more contemporary décor. Adding a focal point with a big unique piece—such as a particularly fun lamp or chandelier—is also a great idea.

bohemian design for rental apartments

There are no rules here, so add that funky flair however it feels right to you. For things that normally come in a set, consider mismatching them: dining chairs, plates/china, light bulbs, etc. If you’ve got a green thumb, add a wild twist with plant life. Find a cool rug and put it on the wall as a tapestry. You get the idea: if it’s unexpected or unusual, it’s probably Bohemian. Decide what speaks to you and go all out.

Have Fun with It!

That’s the recipe for creating major Bohemian vibes in your rental apartment. The key is to apply it in a way that’s personal and meaningful for you. This style is free-wheeling and creative, so let your inner designer out and have a good time. That said, remember that you can always bring in an interior design expert, whether you need some quick advice or a full-on apartment makeover.


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