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Tips and Projects for a Bathroom Upgrade in Your Rental

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Depending on the specifics of your rental agreement, there are limits to the kinds of improvements and additions you can make to the apartment or home you are renting. Before making any holes or major changes to the property, review your lease or check with your landlord to make sure you will not incur any future fines.

Whether you own or rent, the bathroom is an important room where you spend time preparing for the coming day and getting ready for bed. There is a wide range of affordable projects to help you transform your rental bathroom. Changing up hardware and adding personalized accessories will make your rental feel like your own space.

Shower Plants and Other Foliage

plants in bathroom

One of the fastest rising trends in bathroom design is the addition of shower plants that add form and function to your daily routines. Hanging planters, as well as counter and floor plants will add to the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

Besides, regular exposure to water allows plants to flourish, so you don’t have to really worry about constant maintenance.

Some benefits of adding plant life to your powder room include:

  • Increased air quality
  • Oxygen-producing plants provide an extra boost in the morning
  • Regular exposure to plants improves overall mental health


bathroom artwork and shower curtain

Artwork can add a touch of class to your bathroom. Strategically placed photos, paintings, sculptures, and other works of art can turn your bathroom into a mini gallery. There are no strict rules regarding the types of art that fit in the bathroom, though choosing styles and colors that go with your bathroom specifics—such as the floor’s design, hardware, quartz bathroom countertops, and solid surface wall panelswill bring the bathroom together in a more cohesive flow.

Shower Improvements

Relatively small improvements to the hardware and accessories of your shower greatly enhance your overall bathroom experience. Some of the easiest upgrades include:

  • Curved shower curtain rod:

Curved shower curtain rods provide the luxury of more showering space for smaller shower stalls and tubs.

  • Upgraded showerhead:

From overhead and rain showerheads to handheld and multiple spout systems, there is a wide range of options from where you can choose what to swap out the provided showerhead with. This tiny change will give you the flexibility for the kind of shower you and your family prefer.

shower curtain bathroom upgrade

  • Customized shower curtain:

Just like t-shirts, hats, and coffee mugs, you can get your shower curtain customized with anything from a family photo to beautiful ocean sunset. Make it a view you will enjoy, and which will fit your lifestyle.

  • Shower caddies:

Choose from a large selection of styles and materials based on your bathroom’s décor and your personal needs and preferences. These will help you better organize your cosmetics and bathroom products.


light fixture mirror bathroom upgrade

Changing up the fixtures and bulbs can shine a whole new light on your bathroom.

  • Light covers:

Light covers for overhead and wall lights come in unlimited styles and materials. Simply adding or upgrading the light covers in your bathroom can give it a new look and feel.

  • Energy-saving bulbs:

LED bulbs give off more powerful light and last a lot longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.  A variety of bulb colors with adjustable intensity provides different moods and looks.

  • Vanity lights:

Upgrading vanity and task lighting will improve the look and functionality of your bathroom.

Remove Concrete Sealer

Learning how to remove concrete sealer can help give your bathroom a fresh look and reduce maintenance needs over time. There are a number of high-quality products that will effectively remove the concrete sealer and provide the look of a brand-new bathroom.

Just because you don’t own the house or apartment you are living in doesn’t mean you can’t make it a home. From little additions to larger projects, there are affordable DIYs you can do to make your rental property more comfortable and give it a personal feel.


About the author: Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Construction and Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.

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