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Simple, chic DIY decorations for your Christmas tree

crochet christmas decoration ideas
Image via Dapper Toad

Keep your holiday decorations simple, chic, and fuss free with these cost-savvy ideas.

The holidays are a DIYers dream! There are so many inspirations floating around the web, so many sales on popular supplies, and you might even have a few vacation days (or better, snow days) where you can sit back and enjoy yourself without professional commitments.

While you’ll find plenty of DIY projects that involve tons of glitter and tinsel, sometimes it’s the most understated tree decorations that touch our hearts. Check out these simple, rustic project ideas.

crochet christmas decoration ideas
Image via Dapper Toad

Amiguruimi holiday lights aren’t just fun to say. They are an awesome way to add splashes of color to your home without wasting electricity on Christmas lights. Using cloth instantly makes the decorations seem cozy. The little faces add charm.

To make these, you will need intermediate crochet skills and a bit of patience. Most that have tried the craft admitted that finding the right pattern makes all of the difference.

DIY christmas decorations
Image via Scissors and Spoons

Salt Dough Snowflakes are an easy way to copy the look and feel of porcelain without the price. You can use the recipe for all sorts of ornamental shapes depending on the molds that you find (this one uses daisy molds). The tutorial is easy to follow and the ingredients cost next to nothing. From your kitchen, you will need: flour, salt, lemon juice, warm water, cookie cutters and parchment paper. From your craft room you will need acrylic paint, pen, acrylic clear coat spray, and embroidery thread.

For a more rustic touch, opt for thin twine instead of silver embroidery thread and acrylic paint without glitter.

DIY bell jar DIY snow globe
Image via My So Called Crafty Life

These Bell Jar Ornaments add a touch of nostalgia to your tree. They only look costly and time consuming. They actually require very basic materials and lots of creativity to create the interior scenes.

If you plan to hang these, keep the weight of your trinkets in mind. If the ornament is too heavy it will make your branches droop—or worse, your ornaments will fall and break. If you simply plan to place the bell jars on table tops, the weight won’t be much of a concern.



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