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5 Pallet conversions that wow

daybed made of recycled pallets

As with everything else in life, if it’s the fruit of your work and imagination, it probably tastes better. Home remodeling requires a lot of creativity, if you want your digs to appear stylish and comfortable. And we all know rental properties can be awfully boring without the inspired touch of a design enthusiast. But put those creative skills to work and the results will be stunning, especially if you’re a fan of DIY projects like I am. Wooden pallets provide an excellent starting point for those who seek an opportunity to express themselves through DIY art. But before embarking on a pallet revamping project, make sure you know your way around an electric screwdriver or have the phone number of an available handyman in case you need someone to consult with. Michael Goldstein of Mensch with a Wrench can be of great assistance when you want someone to help with projects around the house, general maintenance, storage solutions, hanging photos, drapes, or shelves and anything else you can think of in terms of home remodeling. Recycled pallets can make truly interesting pieces of furniture that are both functional and sustainable. Use them to make cute display shelves for your photos or books or hold your wine collection. To create this shadowbox-style frame, you’ll need at least two pallets. The first serves as the base and should be set upside down (with the opening facing up). Separate a few boards from the second pallet. Take two boards and nail them horizontally wherever you’d like on the back. These form the shelves. The nail two or more boards to the far left and far right of the exposed back, creating a window in the middle.

A place to display pictures

Source: thechive.com viaMikel on Pinterest


For a most delightful look, transform the pallet into a coffee table that will just make your living room pulsate with color, strength and charisma. Below, a standard pallet was reinforced and nailed to castors. Glass, polystyrene or another hard plastic works well as a table top. A table this low complements low profile, modern furniture.

Coffe table for apartment

Source: decoist.com via Jill on Pinterest


Both rustic and very stylish, pallets can add a character to your bedroom as well. Use them as headboards or platforms for your bed.

bed idea decoration with recycled pallets for apartment


If your balcony is in need of a green makeover, refurbish a wooden pallet and turn it into a unique vertical garden, so natural and totally beautiful. To copy the look below, nail a few horizontal pallet boards to the back of a pallet to form shelves upon which you’ll rest your plants. This stand leans against the wall and can be easily shifted for watering. Also, you’ll want to seal the wood for outdoor use.

ideas for planting flowers and plants on balcony

Source: recyclart.org via Joy on Pinterest


Don’t forget about the entryway, it’s the first thing affecting your perception of the whole place. Adding a colorful coat rack can render the space both functional and fundamentally chic. Simply paint you pallet and attach hooks for easy hanging.

colorful coat rack for apartment

Source: recyclart.org vianu by on Pinterest



Does this spark any ideas for your next remodeling project?

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  • Awesome share!! Firstly I must tell you that the pictures are really very nice.I too believe in the power of DIY, because it helps us to be innovative while showing off our skills. As I am decorating my new flat,your decoration ideas will be really helpful. The idea of transforming the pallet into a coffee table attracted me most.
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