15 Smart Space-Saving Products That Your Tiny Apartment Wishes You’d Buy

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Redecorating as a renter is always challenging. How can you make the kitchen more streamlined without adding cabinets? Is painting allowed? Is that extra bathroom hook worth risking your security deposit?

We get it. That’s why our friends at MakeSpace put together this list of 15 space-saving products and appliances that don’t require any installation. Extra room + getting your security deposit back = peace of mind.

1. A 3-in-1 breakfast station to make breakfast for the whole family (or just your really hungry self)

So your ideal breakfast is a single piece of toast, but your partner is more of a hearty eggs-and-sausage devourer. Finally, you can cook together—over coffee, no less—by plugging in Nostalgia Electric’s 3-in-1 breakfast station.
Fry up some bacon on the removable nonstick griddle. And warm up some toast while you’re at it.
Java? There’s a whole pot brewing.
The best, part, of waking up, is now coffee in your cup and breakfast on your plate.

2. A toaster oven to heat your guilty pleasures in a flash

FlashXpress Toaster OvenWarning: The FlashXpress Toaster Oven is not a substitute for conventional ovens. In fact, it’s sized more for personal pizza than Thanksgiving turkey. Nevertheless, if cooking isn’t your jam (but reheating delicious takeout is), this is the appliance your tiny kitchen needs.

3. A plug-in dishwasher to abolish sink clutter

Picture this: You’re running late for work, so you leave your unwashed dishes piled in the sink. By the time you come home, your leftover cutlery has joined forces with your roommate’s cookery. Together, they’ve monopolized what little counter space your kitchen actually has.
Sound familiar?
Then introduce your dirty dishes to their new tiny home: the Sunpentown Countertop Dishwasher.
It’s small enough to fit between standard countertops and cabinetry, and it washes a full set of six standard dishes. The best part? Setup is a breeze, since the included adapter hooks up to your kitchen faucet.

4. A personal blender to make, and take, smoothies on the go

Summer is right around the corner, and with it an abundance of fruits ideal for making smoothies. But how are you supposed to get your strawberry-banana-protein-powder fix if your kitchen cabinets are too cramped to fit a blender?
Easy: Make your blender portable. Even better: Make your blender the cup for your smoothie. The top of the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender detaches and converts into a travel mug—perfect for on-the-go mornings.

5. A magnetic knife holder to levitate your knives:

If you’re carelessly tossing your knives into drawers, the M.O.C. Magnetic Knife Holder is here to help. The wall-mounted sliver is the perfect aesthetic complement to wooden cabinets. And since each strip is hand-crafted from authentic walnut, it’s a wholly natural way to organize your kitchen.

6. A dual knife block to keep all your cutting needs in one place

In truly tiny kitchens, every inch matters. That’s what makes this Hybrid Board and Knife Block so genius. It’s both a cutting board and a knife holder, perfect for the home chef in cramped quarters.
And with a name like Artelegno Bologna, you’d better believe it’s handmade in Italy.

7. A multipurpose surface to wash and chop food over the sink

Oversink Strainer BoardHere’s another example of cutting board ingenuity: The Container Store’s Oversink Strainer Board. Its built-in colander lets you wash and cut your veggies in one go.
Two birds, one stone, zero mess.

8. A closable desk to play hide-and-seek with your home office

Would you like the benefits of a hideaway desk, without the headache of installation? Or maybe rewatching Mad Men has inspired you to trick out your workspace with retro vibes?
Either way, this Mid-Century Mini Secretary Desk is your chic, vintage solution. It pops open when you’re ready to spew genius on your typewriter (okay, laptop), and tucks out of sight afterwards.

9. A portable de-wrinkler to save your clothes (and closet space)

Irons are great and all, but their bulky boards take up a lot of space. That’s where a steamer comes in—specifically, the Joy Mangano My Little Steamer.
It’s ideal for any clothes recuperating from a tight closet squeeze. When you’re done de-wrinkling your clothes, the handheld appliance is tiny enough to tuck away pretty much anywhere.
Bonus: It comes with a convenient travel bag that you can easily stash in your suitcase.

10. A savvy dispenser to eliminate shampoo bottle buildup

Take a note from fancy hotels and mount the Simple Human Soap Pump on your shower wall. It takes up zero tub space. It dispenses just the right amount of body soap, shampoo, and conditioner. It eliminates any icky residue caused by bottle buildup. It has a storage hook for your razor or loofah. It is basically every tiny shower’s dream come true.
(Comfy bathrobes and room service sold separately.)

11. A curtain that gives your shower pocket power

Bathroom Physics 101: The tinier the shower, the likelier that soap bars will slide off its ledge.
Beat the odds with this Vinyl Shower Curtain. Its mesh pockets conveniently store all your grooming products and prevent mildew from forming.

12. Pop-on pods to keep your everyday toiletries within reach

StickOn PodsWhat’s underneath your bathroom sink?
If you’re really storage savvy, the answer is these StickOn Pods from The Container Store. Gone are the days of rummaging around for eyeliner and mascara, or settling for the wrong makeup brush because you can’t be bothered to find the right one.
Don’t wear makeup?
You can also stick the pods inside your medicine cabinet for easy access to your toothbrush, tweezers, and what-have-yous.

13. An elegant shelf that elevates your cruiser

The Bike Shelf is perfect for those who wish to exhibit their bike as the work of art it is. Mount the sleek shelf onto any wall,and float your beloved two-wheeler alongside your favorite books and tchotchkes.

14. A gravity-powered bike stand to hang two bikes at once

The Michelangelo Two Bike Stand is an ideal storage solution for renters with two bicycles and a landlord with an axe to grind. Simply lean the stand against a wall, hang your bikes on the stand’s hooks, and then walk away.

15. A convertible sofa to upgrade your entire furniture game

Give “make your bed” a whole new meaning with the Kali Duo Sofa. What’s at first a cozy couch, converts into brilliant bunk beds complete with a ladder and top-bunk enclosure. All at the flip of a switch.
Voilà: All the magic of a Murphy Bed, none of the installation, and …

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