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10 Window Treatment Trends of 2016

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This post was brought to you by Dave Cook. He is the current spokesman for Feldco, a window and door company services in the Midwest. He has served many other roles in the organization, from Project Manager to Sales Manager.

A window is more than just an opening in your rental home. Much like a bookshelf or table, it can be decorated and even become the focal point of your room. How you ask? You can decorate it with window treatments.

Not all window treatments are the same though. Some styles are popular while others have passed their prime. With the help of Feldco, we’re going take a look at 10 window treatment designs that are trending in 2016.

Window treatment - modern blinds and fabric curtains

     1. Everything Organic

Everyone knows the many benefits of organic foods because they’ve become so popular. Did you know that organic window treatments are also trending? It’s true!

Not only are they made using natural materials, but they give your home a cozy, comfortable look. Renters are often using materials such as bamboo and rattan. At a reasonable price point, it’s no surprise that organic window treatments are trending in a major way.

Window treatment - Bamboo blinds with natural texture

     2. Treat Yourself to Luxurious Fabrics

Many apartment tenants are more inclined to spend money on luxurious fabrics than they’ve ever been before. Silks, suede and velvets are desired more than ever in the past. They give your room a more elegant look, draw the attention of all of your guests and transform the satisfactory into something sensational. Even at their often steeper price point, the gorgeous and elegant look from window treatments made from luxurious fabrics is highly desired by many.

     3. Retro is Back: Woven Curtains and Aluminum Blinds

Welcome back to the 1980s! Woven curtains are all the rage again. They add character to your home that you can’t get with any other window treatment option. You can mix and match other trends. Many renters consider bamboo as part of their woven curtain design.

Speaking of retro, do you remember aluminum blinds? Back in the 1960s and 1970s they were extremely popular before fading out to make room for other trends. Well they’re relevant again in a big way! Aluminum blinds look defined and are best used in a home office or recreational room.

Window treatment - aluminum blinds in a modern office

     4. High Tech Window Treatments

Technology can do anything for us. It can open our garage doors, check who’s at our door and even control our blinds. Believe it or not, there are smart blinds on the market that can be controlled from your smart devices. The convenience of remotely adjusting their blinds is highly desired by many renters and homeowners.

Just because you want smart window treatments doesn’t mean you have to limit your creativity either. Many smart blinds options allow you to layer different styles and try different designs.

     5. Make Your Home More Energy Efficient with Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds have a unique and beautiful design that’s sure to interest you. Their look isn’t the main reason they’re trending though. Honeycomb blinds are known for being eco-friendly and energy efficient.

They’re made of pockets, similar to an actual honeycomb, which trap air and prevent it from escaping your home. This provides another layer of insulation to your home and will save you money on your heating and cooling bills.

It helps that they aren’t very expensive and can be installed easily.

Window treatment- Honeycomb blinds cross-section
Source: Blinds Online via Flickr

      6. Cordless Window Treatments are the Safest Way to Go

Window treatments without cords have been trending due to safety implications – the cords can harm children and pets. It may seem small, but it has become such a problem that the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission has considered having mandatory safety regulations for window treatments.

Parents and pet owners have been purchasing cordless window treatments in droves causing them to be a hot commodity. After all, nothing is more important than the safety of your loved ones.

   7. Stainless Steel Curtain Rods

Curtain rods are part of the window treatment and many renters seem to be gravitating towards stainless steel. They would give your room a sleek look that’s sure to impress your family and friends.

Window treatment - Stainless steel curtain rod

     8. Repurposed or DIY Window Treatments

If you’re savvy with a sewing machine or needle and thread, you may want to consider making your own window treatments. Curtains that are made from repurposed tablecloths and shower curtains can be gorgeous. This will save you money and allow you to be creative with your design. It gives your home that much desired fresh look, with the extra benefit of a personal touch.

If you don’t want to use old fabrics from around your house, but still want to make your own window treatment, you can purchase your own materials and start from scratch. The sky is the limit when you’re making your own window treatments.

      9. Keep it Simple

It’s great to get elegant, extravagant window treatments, but don’t go overboard. Combining too many styles and designs could turn your window into a mess. Pick a style that best suits your house and stick with that, otherwise you’ll end up cluttering your house with mismatched designs.

Window treatment - simple curtains in an elegant seating area

    10. When in Doubt, Neutrals Rule

If none of these trends fit your style, there is one surefire way to get a beautiful window treatment that’ll look great for your home – go neutral. Black or white goes well with any of the other colors in your room. No matter what’s in or what’s “so last year”, neutrals will never go out of style. They’re sure to compliment your window, no matter if it’s a wood or vinyl window.

Window treatments will make any window look gorgeous—these 10 trending window treatments are sure to take your room and windows to the next level. While things are always changing, many of these trends will look great for years to come and will be a style that will make you proud.

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  • I so remember those very thin aluminium blinds when I was young back in Scotland. My Mum bought a brush from a door-to-door salesman promising this would clean all the blinds really fast.

    Well, the brush never worked as promised and we were just moving the dirt around and filling the house with dust.

    Ended up removing them and hanging them on the clothes line and scrubbing then hosing them down. That’s after trying to wash them in the bathtub.

    I like the honeycomb Ones for their efficiency. So much more choices in blinds nowadays !


  • There are some great ideas on here , i personally like the idea of combining window coverings although i do agree with you not to go over board. Venetian blinds with a light fabric curtain such as voile or sheer gives a nice classy look to any room. I will look out for more of your posts thanks 🙂