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Your San Francisco apartment checklist

Keys to your awesome new apartment.

If you’re on the hunt for a great new apartment in San Francisco, we have a scavenger hunt list for you. Find all of the amenities suggested here, and you will have found a wonderful new place to live!

A view. Scenic settings aren’t hard to find in SF, so be in the looking for what’s out the window of any apartments you visit. This is one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in the world, so be sure you’ll be able to get a good look at it!

Good neighborhood? There are more than 115 designated neighborhoods within the city of San Francisco, so you have a ridiculous variety to choose from. Whether your choice is urban, ethnic, funky, ritzy, oceanfront, restaurant-heavy, gritty, arty or some other adjective altogether, remember that you’ll probably spend as much time out of your apartment as you will in it.

Cool building? There’s just no reason to settle for a boring apartment building in San Francisco. There are too many old and historic or modern and updated alternatives.

Protected parking. Off-street parking in the city sometimes can feel like possession of a precious and coveted bar of gold. All the more reason to hold out for an apartment building that has it, preferably at no additional monthly charge.

How’s the noise level? Few parts of San Francisco are completely protected from street noise. Make sure the ambient noise in your apartment, whether it is from buses on the street outside or neighbors in the unit next door, meets your tolerance level.

What can you walk to? If the answer is “the park, my favorite bar, a good organic grocery store, that great food cart with the amazing pretzels,” then you’re in business. If the answer is “nothing,” you should keep looking for another place.

On the housing scavenger hunt in SF? Use our listings of San Francisco apartments to find a great place today.

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