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The best neighborhood Christmas lights displays in Los Angeles

Christmas Tree Lane in Altadena

The trick to seeing the best neighborhood Christmas lights displays in Los Angeles is to get out of the city. Seriously, LA proper kinda sucks for Christmas lights – you gotta go to the ‘burbs on the periphery to see the best holiday lights:

    • “Sleepy Hollow” in south Torrance. This is hands down the best show of them all. You don’t buy a home in this neighborhood unless you are also willing to buy into the holiday spirit required to light your place up like a casino from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Traffic is typically packed, expect a slow drive-thru; better yet, park on PCH and walk through the neighborhood at a leisurely pace, the better to enjoy the amazing sights. Here’s a beautiful video peek at what you can expect at Sleepy Hollow:

  • Christmas Tree Lane in Altadena. In the complete other direction is Altadena’s Christmas Tree Lane, which has the holidays covered for the north side of town. Logistics considerations to help you enjoy your visit: Driving is advised, this is a loooong street, if you do park beware the deep gutters, and dress warmly as winter nights in the ‘Dena can get a little chilly. Altadena is also home to the Balian House, another great Christmas attraction.Altadena Xmas Tree Lane
  • Candy Cane Lane in Woodland Hills. Best in the west and worth a trip up the freeway to the Kardashian part of town. Usually streets pick a theme – movies, Santa, etc. Slow going for cars, so this is another one to walk or bike. Also lots of vendors on foot, so stock up on stocking-stuffers for your friends and family.

And if you live in Los Angeles itself, the field is wide open for a killer lights display to bring some holiday spirit back inside the city limits… go for it!


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