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Spice up your modern apartment decor

striped bedroom

Here’s a scenario: You have a nice Chicago apartment. When you first rented and decorated it, you wanted to give it a very professional, modern, streamlined look. Now, you’ve lived there a couple years. And guess what… you’re bored.

It’s not surprising. Modern decorating schemes are nice to look at, for a while. But they really have no distinct personality or anything that makes them memorable. Adding some fun to your modern look can make your Chicago apartment much more welcoming for your guests and even for you.

Where to find fun in Chicago’s crowded home design market? Here are a few suggestions…

-Add some stripes. If your décor scheme is modern, you probably don’t have too many stripes as upholstery choices, on rugs, or even just as pillows. But stripes are hot right now, and you can find choices to coordinate with any color scheme that already exists in your apartment.

-Inexpensive wall accents. This is a great way to bring color and conversational pieces into your apartment. Whether your accent choice is a cool poster from your favorite retro band (check Ebay for these), your pair of high school track spikes in a shadowbox, or a shelf showcasing your grandmother’s family china, you can make your apartment more personal and interesting with well-chosen wall accents.yellow kitchen

-Paint a wall, or part of one. Use of paint to make an apartment more interesting is a smart choice as long as it’s strategically executed and can be returned to status quo when you decide to vacate your place. Make one of your living room or hallway ways a bright color like red, fuchsia, yellow or lime. Tie it to the rest of the room via your décor accent choices.

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