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Phoenix, get outside and enjoy one of the best times of the year

Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, from a distance

Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, from a distanceIt should be a crime punishable by jail or at least a hefty fine for neglecting to enjoy the outdoors in Phoenix this time of year. I’m serious! With temperature highs between the upper-60’s to low-80’s with the sun shining bright, I’m pretty sure you’d have millions cramped indoors out in the Midwest ready to knock you upside the head and tell you to get outside.

Don’t sound like a whining middle school-er with an excuse of, “but there’s nothing to do”! Hogwash! Here are some ideas:

Bike Ride – Take out your two-wheeler and roll down the Scottsdale Greenbelt.  Start anywhere between the northern most portion at 92nd Street and Shea Boulevard, down to the finale at Tempe Town Lake. It’s out of the way of the busy streets, is immaculately manicured, and is a clear path through the best parts of Scottsdale. Don’t have a bike? Rent one!

Horseback Riding – Hey there, cowboys and cowgirls! Get in touch with our Wild West roots and saddle-up in Cave Creek. Horseback Arizona at the Spur Cross Stables will do all the hard, cowboy work so you can giddy-up all over the desert. Select from any of the different tour options, which will guide you down exciting trails and “off-road” into the desert. Take the 2-hour Sunset Ride for just $73 per person.

Hike – Our desert takes on a whole new life during the winter months, so if you’re a summer hiker, you’re in for something different…and way better conditions. We have some of the best hiking in the world, just get out and see on your own. I personally love hiking the Cholla Trail on Camelback Mountain, but for an easier day hike, I’d recommend the trail at Pinnacle Peak Mountain.

Paintball – Yes! Whether you love action movies, playing high intensity video games, or just want to get out a bit of aggression, I highly recommend paintballing. Up in North Scottsdale at the Splatter Ranch you strap into some protective equipment, load your gun with colorful paint pellets, and head out in teams to take down your opponents. The battleground is entirely outdoors in the wild desert with plenty of props for tactical playtime. Paintball isn’t just for adolescent boys, by the way! Let go a bit and you’ll see.

No matter what you decide to do, get out right now! It’s just so wrong not to! Enjoy a meal at a patio restaurant…do whatever. Enjoy Phoenix!

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