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Your perfect Phoenix apartment checklist

You'll be loving life at your Phoenix apartment pool.

Looking for a great new place in Phoenix? You probably already know how many bedrooms you want and the general area of town in which you’ll be focusing your search. But don’t forget the following checklist items, which can ensure total happiness in your new Phoenix home.

Air conditioning. Yes, it gets hot here in Phoenix, and not just in the summer months. Some of us use our air conditioners here almost all year round. You’ll want an apartment with AC, unless you love living in a sauna.

You'll be loving life at your Phoenix apartment pool.

Pool and hot tub. Nothing says “quality of life” like a nice, well-maintained apartment swimming pool. During your visit, check out the pool and see if there are people hanging out there. This will be an indicator of how social your new building might be. Many complexes now offer organized get-togethers so you can meet your new neighbors and make new friends.


Guest parking. If you frequently have friends over to your home, be sure to take a look at what the guest parking situation is before you move in. Do you need parking permits for each guest? Is there easily available street parking nearby? Check it out before you commit.

Pet policy. Do you have a pet? Do you want to have a pet? If there’s any chance you want to acquire a furry friend while living in your new place, be sure to find out exactly what additional deposits might be required before you move in.




Nearby amenities. How far is the apartment from your favorite bar/restaurant/coffee shop and workplace? Drive times in Phoenix can be quite long during traffic, so if you’re planning to change where you live but not your lifestyle, make sure you’ll  still have easy access to all things you like to do in your free time.

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