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Warrior Dash this weekend – what are those people doing?

Warrior Dash participant in Viking helmet.

Warrior Dash participant in Viking helmet.How does 3.28 miles of rugged desert terrain, 12 insane obstacles along the way, and a frosty beer at the finish line sound?   Having accepted and endured the Warrior Dash challenge myself in 2011 I can tell you it is a day of torturous fun. This years Dash is set for April 28 and 29 and is expected to be even better than before.

Each year the course changes and differs from state to state.  The traveling dedicated team of Warrior Dash staffers knows just has to test your skills.  This year the course will be highlighting among other obstacles, an over-water cable tightrope, a cargo net climb, a rubber ricochet jungle, a massive horizontal hike, the signature double fire jumps and the utterly disgusting and simultaneously satisfying mud pool crawl to the finish line.  Last year I was a complete newbie so to best relay the need to know information about the dash this year, here are the basics you’ll need to know:

The facts:

  • Register ahead of time! You MUST purchase your race bib before midnight on April 16th or you’re completely out of luck. Didn’t get the memo in time? There’s always next year!
  • Dress up and get silly! Stick to a theme if you’re dashing with a group or just put on the most ridiculous thing you can think of that you don’t mind throwing away before sliding back into your car.
  • Be sure to coordinate the registration of all the members of your group if you want to race with them! Unlike a typical “race”, this course is set to take place in multiple waves throughout the day.  Intended to space out warriors to make the most of the 12 obstacles throughout the course, it also makes for a fun experience to build the anticipation of seeing the battle wounded warriors that have already crossed the finish line.
  • Bring cash for parking – I believe it was $10 last year?
  • Consider camping – This year they offer camping sites and RV parking spots if you’d like to make a real trip of the event. Florence is a bit of a drive. Check the website for pricing.
  • Bring a towel or seven to clean up afterwards and don’t forget a change of clothes!!

Warrior Dash party girls.The Warrior Dash is not for the faint of heart or those unwilling to get downright dirty, but it is completely open to all fitness levels.  If an obstacle is just too absurd it is perfectly acceptable to skip it though your official race time will be disqualified. The competitive types can still get their fix as all race times are meticulously recorded via electronic monitors so you’ll be able to compare with your buddies at the end of the day.  Whether your incentive is to best your friends on this ridiculous course or to take part in a completely silly and random physical and simultaneous drinking event, the Warrior Dash is great fun for both and everyone in between.  When else do you have an excuse to play like a kid and get completely muddy as an adult these days?

For more information about the Dash and to register, check out the Warrior Dash Website

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