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Trending Phoenix neighborhood: Arcadia

Arcadia is a hot Phoenix neighborhood.

The area known simply as “Arcadia” has made a huge comeback in popularity for both renters and homeowners.  The neighborhoods ranging from just north of Camelback Road and as far south as Thomas Road, from 32nd to 56th streets, are popular with renters, those looking to buy a permanent home, and property investors.

These neighborhoods are jam packed with beautiful homes, townhouses, condominiums and apartment complexes.   This is without question an area of the valley full of homes with character.  The majority of the communities were built in the late 1950’s to the mid 1970’s; meaning vastly sturdy brick construction, bigger yards and a homey feel.  The majority of this Arcadia area was built upon the infamous orange and citrus orchards that helped build the Phoenix economy in its infancy.  These days that means larger plots of land and citrus trees everywhere.

Young families particularly enjoy these neighborhoods because they are in the best school districts Phoenix has to offer.  Arcadia has also become a very family-centric area, making it possible for kids to build tight friendships with the neighbor kids and grow up with them through elementary, middle and high school. As more and more families have flooded into the area and investors caught wind of the rising temperature of the Arcadia district, it’s fairly hard to find anything that hasn’t been renovated and updated to the highest of standards.

You’ll also find a huge population of business professionals within the Arcadia district as well.  This centralized location is a huge draw for those looking to be anywhere from Tempe, downtown Phoenix, or North Scottsdale in 20 minutes or less. Living in this beautiful community smack dab in the middle of many highway arteries (but not too close!) is not only comforting and aesthetically pleasing but the location just makes sense!

When considering making a move to a different part of the valley, the two hottest spots at the moment are without a doubt in downtown Phoenix and the more eastern Arcadia area.  Both are flush with exciting new and unique restaurants, boutiques and community areas. Arcadia has it all; class, community, great education, friendly neighbors, and safe streets. Start looking for your Arcadia apartment today.

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