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Tiny Circus not a sign of the forthcoming clownpocalypse

Tiny Circus, part of the Tangle Movement Arts
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Tiny Circus, part of the Tangle Movement Arts
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I used to think that clowns weren’t so bad. I couldn’t understand the fuss about why some people were so scared of them. Then I was walking home one night when Ringling Bros. was in town and two Bozos and a Pagliacci cornered me in an alley and they tied me to a dumpster with a colorful hanky that just kept coming and coming out of the Pagliacci’s sleeve and then they zapped me with a buzzer handshake and did me up in thick white makeup and left me for dead in a pile of obscene balloon animals and I cried and cried but no one heard me.

So yeah, I’m on board the “clowns suck” bandwagon now.

This weekend at Tiny Circus, I don’t think we’re gonna have that kind of problem. Tiny Circus is sort of the DIY/indie-scene answer to the bloated, noisy catastrophes that mainstream corporate circuses have become. Like the name says, it’s tiny. Tangle Movement Arts provides the talent – they’re a relatively new performing arts company that specializes in “trapeze, aerial silks, rope, partner balancing, and acrobatics, as well as music, drama, and spoken word.” They do lots of cool Cirque du Soleil kinda stuff and they do it very well.

Saturday’s event is being held at The Woodlands Cemetery in West Philly, so maybe you can pay respects to a loved one who’s passed on and catch a cool circus performance, and kill two birds with one stone… before I wrote this article I never would have imagined such a wacky stone existed, but here we are. Anyway it’s fun, informal, hip, and you get to look at young, attractive, exceptionally flexible people doing their things.

But if I see any balloon animals, I WILL freak the f*** out.

Tiny Circus

Saturday Apr. 14 @ 3pm

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