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Philly makes the Lonely Planet 2013 travel list

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World travelDrop one of those “Love, Philly” postcards expressing hearty thanks to the people who give travel tips at Lonely Planet.  They just sent us a bunch of adventurous and artistically inclined tourists who will arrive sometime in 2013.

Philadelphia made the Lonely Planet top 10 list for US Destinations recommended next year, along with worthy company including: Louisville, Kentucky; Fairbanks, Alaska; San Juan Islands, Washington; American Samoa; Eastern Sierra, Calif., Northern Maine, Maine; Twin Cities, Minnesota; Verde Valley, Arizona; and Glacier National Park, Montana.

Here’s the Lonely Planet scoop on why travelers should visit Philly next year: “Forget the cheesesteaks and tri-corner hat, Philadelphia is becoming known as an art capital. In addition to the world renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art, the formerly remote Barnes Foundation , a once private collection of Matisse, Renoir and Cézanne, has a new central location. And it’s not just the big museums – Philly’s gallery scene is exploding with new venues like the Icebox garnering international attention and turning the Northern Liberties and Fishtown neighborhoods into the new hot arts hub. First Fridays , the monthly gallery open house, long a tradition in Old City, has expanded to the refurbished Loft District, where the party goes on in a host of new bars, clubs and live music venues.”

Lists like this are sometimes hated by travelers because their very existence means that other travelers will likely also be beating a path to the towns, cities and national parks listed. But it’s not like anything mentioned in the Philadelphia write up should be a big secret. We do have great museums, galleries, and art events, and they should all get a little more love from visitors who don’t live here.

If you’re thinking about traveling within the U.S. this year, the LP list is a great way to jumpstart your trip planning. I’ve been to quite a few of the places they recommend, but never to Alaska or American Samoa, those would be on my wish list. How about you?

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