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Make a statement in your rental with DIY lamps

creative do it yourself lamps
Image via Cleverly Inspired
creative do it yourself lamps
Image via Cleverly Inspired

Making a lamp is really not all that difficult and it can add something unique and one-of-a-kind to your Dallas rental, never mind being able to say, “I made it myself!” An old dress form, tripod, old toys or any kind of large coffee or food tin can make a charming addition to your home (just to name a few examples).

Making your own lamp is pretty much as easy as buying a lamp kit and stuffing it in whatever you want. There are two different approaches when selecting a unique object to turn into a lamp. You can either find something made out of glass or something reflective for the bulb to shine through, or you can use an item that works as the stand/base of the lamp to cover with a shade (like this awesome tree lamp). Keep in mind that this option usually requires drilling a hole through your object. Here is the basic rundown:

  1. Drill a hole large enough for the cord through your object (if need be), or insert a lamp rod or fashion your object around a lamp rod.
  2. Run the cord through said hole.
    DIY nature inspired lamps
    Image via Well Made Products on Etsy
  3. Make sure the object is heavy enough so it won’t tip over. You can mount either the object or the rod (if you are using one) to a good heavy base. You may need to drill a hole through the back or side of the base for the cord.
  4. Attach the socket and the plug to either end of the lamp cord.
  5. Add a shade, if necessary.

There are a lot of lamp kits out there, some that come more assembled than others. You can make things easier on yourself by buying a kit that’s already assembled (like IKEA’s cord set and, possibly, the table lamp base). However, this could be problematic if you’re running the cord through a hole that’s smaller than the plug. If you have something with a big hole in it, like a mason jar, or something that needs a little base, like a stack of old CD’s, go for this bad boy. If you’re looking for something that needs a shade, either get a kit with the harp already attached, or just attach a harp yourself and find a clever finial online somewhere.

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