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Design themes for your San Francisco apartment

Indian and velvet interior

If you are looking for some great design inspiration for your San Francisco apartment, check out our ideas for SF-specific decoration ideas.

These draw from our region’s natural beauty, cultural influences, and historic style.

Mod-Victorian chic – No lace doilies or crystal needed. The things that make San Francisco’s Victorian homes so unique and beautiful – use of bright and pastel color, clean lines, shingled roofs, nesting patterns and steep steps with banisters – can be translated into some great concepts for modern furnishings. What pieces can you find that draw from this look?

Hip Victorian interior design

Scandinavian green diva – Lose the IKEA but keep the clean look with minimal accessories spread about. Furniture can be light pine mixed with black and deep hued colors, and everything should be as eco-friendly and recyclable as possible.Deep brown interior design It’s all about art – It’s surely possible to decorate an entire San Francisco apartment with furniture that’s also the work of a local artisan or craftsman. We haven’t seen a photo spread of any such attempts, but we sure would like to. If executed well, this concept is sure to produce museum-quality home tour results.

60’s diner – Mid-century modern is last year’s hot trend, so how about trying something a little more home fried with a 60’s diner motif? Artwork should be retro product advertisements, furniture made of red vinyl, and a waitress in roller skates to serve your guests would be a nice touch, at least for the house warming party.modern retro interior design

100 percent scavenged – If you’ve ever experienced the thrill of finding a piece of perfectly usable but used furniture on the street, then scavenging may be your new shopping. Roam areas where you know you are likely to find things (the end of the month is always a good time to have your eyes open as that’s when people move). Supplement any missing items with garage sale searching. Minimal expense, maximum interesting stuff!Indian and velvet interior


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