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Design themes for your Dallas apartment

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Are you looking for a great new design concept for your Dallas apartment? Here are four top trends in furniture and décor that might just turn into a great new look for you.

Ultra modern – Did you see the movie Crazy, Stupid Love? Think  back to Ryan Gosling’s bachelor pad décor scheme in the movie when creating an ultra modern look for your home. The cool single guy house, paired with Gosling’s super-fashionable style, were eye candy in this movie, especially when contrasted with Steve Carrell’s “I’m a divorced guy with a bad apartment” home.) This was the epitome of cinematic home design excellence in the movies in 2011 (well, that and the ultra-Scandinavian home of villain Martin Vanger in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).

Throwback to Dallas, the TV show – 70’s style is making a comeback, and so are its TV shows. The reboot of Dallas will be on the air this year and your apartment could take on a look that mirrors the Southfork ranch house. Shop at thrift stores and estate sales, there’s still plenty of this type of furniture in the Dallas area.

Eco-urban – This is the style formerly known as farmhouse. Now, it’s cool to bring the country to the city with recycled, home style décor and accessories. You might get called a hippy, but it’s a label you can wear with pride. Head to the Texas hill country to do your shopping for this one.

Mad Men apartment – In the antiquing world they call this style “post-modern”. I like to call it “Don Draper’s pad.” Look for vintage NYC furniture, lamps and bold, monotone colors. You might have to take a trip to the Big Apple to find it, but there’s also great stuff at shops like Mary’s Finds.

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