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Best bet pets for a no-pet apartment

One fish, two fish.

One fish, two fish.So you signed a lease on a new Dallas apartment, and the place is great. But, they have a very strict no pets policy. Say goodbye to those hopes of having a new puppy or kitten in your life anytime soon. However, there are some pets you can have that won’t require any additional security deposit.

A beta fish: Beta fish are great. They require tiny bits of food, you rarely have to clean their tiny bowls, and they basically just live a very tiny happy little life until they pass away. Plus they are colorful to look at and if you keep them in the bathroom, you can talk to them in the morning when you are getting ready for work.

A plant: A plant is a living thing that grows and you have to take care of it. How is it not a pet? Well, it doesn’t require much interaction with you. But some studies show that having plants around can make you healthier, just like pets do. We’ve been told that plants like it when you talk to them. Try an easy care low-sunlight houseplant and see if you can keep it alive.

Hermit crabs: More interesting than fish, they live in a tank too but without water. They require daily food and you need to sprinkle water on them to keep them healthy. The crabs shed their external skeletons at frequent intervals. You can let them out of their tank to crawl around, but don’t lose them!

A snake: Not for the faint of heart, but some people are really into snakes and swear that they make good pets. They require warm terraniums and some challenging food choices – are you willing to feed a snake a live mouse? Some eat other snakes, snails or insects. But be careful – snakes can escape and end up in inconvenient places in your apartment. Everyone’s seen a movie with this plotline.

Volunteer at a shelter: There are thousands of dogs and cats that need good homes in every city. But they also need caring volunteers who can help them thrive while they are waiting for adoption. Perhaps the best way to get over your no-pet situation is to spend time with animals in need. It will be like having hundreds of pets!

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